Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hello! I'm here for a short update! (:

Today was IFG semis and finals. I seriously think my life's full of deciding matches! Today Arts played against Engine first.. they underestimated us and put in 2 of their reserve players. So we won 2 out of the 4 that we've played. And then, it was the women's doubles deciding match AGAIN! Forever playing deciding matches...

Brenda and I led by quite a lot initially, but somehow we couldn't maintain and eventually lost both sets. I think I played well, so no crying today! Just felt a little wasted cause the opponents weren't really strong, they were just quite tyco...

Yeah, so anyway we lost to Engine 2-3 overall, which means we were playing against Science for 3rd or 4th placing. The guys did damn well, mixed too. So we won the first three games! (: So yeah, overall 3rd!!!

I love my team a lot. Felt that we were quite close as a team (: After the matches, Esther, Brenda and I went over to Ian's hall, Raffles Hall, to bathe and then we went for lunch together at YIH (:

Then it was home sweet home (: Played mahjong just now and lost another $30 today. So tired and sleepy now! So I'm gonna shower and sleep! (:

So much assignments piling up, tomorrow's chiong homework day!!!!

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