Saturday, September 17, 2011

2nd post of the day (: This is somewhat the result of nowhere to go on Saturday night heee. And to act as if I have somewhere to go, I appeared offline on facebook. lol. Joke.

Hectic week as usual. Monday's school + bible class. When Caleb and I ended lessons, we walked (2.4km) to somewhere near West Coast to collect his car. It was supposedly 3 bus stops from this really far away bus stop, but I sort of psycho-ed him to walk since we've already walked so far to reach that bus stop and we missed the bus. Stopped over at West Coast Macs halfway to have ice-cream before embarking on our journey to the car-servicing centre again.

Collected the car (really super fast and I was telling him we walked so so so much just to spend that few seconds in there) and headed over to Lillian's place for swimming. I learnt how to breathe IN WATER and I think my swimming skills improved (: Then it was over to Bukit Timah Food Centre where I had a bowl of laksa and carrot cake all by myself... #likefatonly

Tuesday I supposedly have lectures from 12-4pm, but my group mates decided to meet for a meeting during our usual lecture hour, so my lecture ended at 2pm, and I had a meeting with them at Reeds Cafe at the new Biz building. The food looks really good, so I made Caleb agree to eat there one day. 

After school, we went over to the airport to send Sasa off. She's going for a 3-year course (soooo long!) and doesn't know when she's gonna come back. Aaron sent KT to the ferry terminal since he had to book in, so Xiaoken sent the rest of us home (:

Wednesday was my practical lesson. I'm starting to dislike TS practical cause it's quite stressful having to act and speak well in front of the entire class. Plus, I'm not that close to them cause I decided to be anti-social and not talk to them (somewhat). Like whenever I reach the class, I won't take the initiative to say hello to any of them unless they smile or wave at me. So I'm pretty much unsociable in the class.

Wednesday was also the day I ate like mad. After school, Caleb and I went over to Commonwealth Drive for this yummy Economical Bee Hoon. We each had a plate of Bee Hoon/Noodles, and I had an otah and vegetables and chicken wing. That was dinner dinner. Then right after dinner, I was supposed to meet ALS at Ikea. So he drove me to Ikea and we were early and we had Ikea 50c ice-cream (standard dropped!) for dessert. 

And when they came, he left. So ALS went to get food, AND GUESS WHAT?

I totally ate with them! @.@ It was horrible. I just had dinner + dessert and I ate the exact same amount of what each of them ate. Like my second dinner! And I kept eating and eating and eating non-stop... Seriously, I think my stomach just expanded after that day...

Thursday was school day till 5plus and it was day out with Caleb (: We had dinner at Fat Boys at Thomson!!! (: Yummy Wimpy burger (: Then it was movie "Crazy Stupid Love" at AMK Hub (: 

Friday was no school day. IPL appointment at 2pm. Thank you Caleb for sending me there and then it was home for around 40 minutes before I walked my usual 30 minutes to tuition. After tuition, I walked my usual 30 minutes back home and got ready for Waikit's party. Went over to Bishan where songminghan picked me up from and went to Yew Tee.

Party, party, party. And Caleb came to pick me up and sent me home (((:

Today was mentioned in the previous post... so photos!!! (:

My new pretty backpack ((:

Caleb's old handsome backpack.

I mixed the chilli into the laksa and it made me leaked like maddd. It was damn spicy and I really wanted to die after eating this!

Gigantic cockle as big as the spoon's space.

2 for me, 1 for Caleb.

Coffee bean Yoghurt at Paya Lebar! Super bigggg (:

Random old photo of Royalties.

Those were the days! L-R: Me, Sasa, Gabby, Andrew, KT, Xiaoken.

Yummy salted egg yolk mooncake that Caleb brought from his home! The entire mooncake's filling was salted egg yolk!!!

Dinner at Commonwealth Drive (:

Making the ice-cream at Ikea. They have this new machine that requires you to make your own ice-cream cone.

Gabby says this bulldog is cute but all of us thought it was damn ugly!

Lings with broccoli. 

With Carrot (: I hate to eat carrot but this carrot is so cute (:

My 2nd dinner!!!

Fat Boy!

Fries in line.

LOL LOL LOL... While I was taking this photo for him, a random auntie walked past and saw him posing and started laughing really hard at him!

Wk's birthday! With my hello kitty polariod (:

After Smh and Sharon left and we got chased out of the room.

Photos below are from Lings' phone..

Long time ago in Macdonalds.

Pandas are so cuteeee (:

hahaha crazy Lings eating little chicks.


If you think this is retarded.........

HAHAHAHA!!!!! RETARDED x 10000000! :D

Panda in Singapore...


Nice hair that Stanley did.. it was for Darwin's grad show.

And IFG photos! (:

Yeahhh I look like a man with my fringe up.

The pose.

Another look like man photo. lol. Anyway, this is the IFG Arts team this year.
Ivan, Shawn, Yoka, Joel, Ian, Esther, Brenda, Me and Adeline.

Same pose yes I know...

This is Yoka the damn pro player... seriously everyone is scared of him hahahaha. That's how zai he is! (: Respect!!!

Alright, end of the many many photos and long long post of my week! It's recess week next week!!! Lots of assignments and filming and tests!

But for now, it's MOVIE TIME!!!! (:

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