Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Agnes B!

Hello. Today marks the end of my midterms for the week. Next week there's one more. This Thursday I've a 1000-word critique due ):

Came home wanting to do my critique but I failed terribly cause I just finished blog-hopping and facebooking and now I'm blogging. Lots of photos to be updated from my phone. I'm getting real lazy these days.

I came to blog but I realized there's nothing for me to blog without photos. It will just be the usual talk about my week post w/o photos.

Oh just now I couldn't stand my long fringe anymore, I took a scissors and trimmed it.

That's about all I want to say.

Bad karma?

This marks the day I'm gonna start being a better person. No more criticizing because Libras can't stand it. And Libras and Leo are so so so similar. So I'm guessing Leos can't stand it too.


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