Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eating My Cereals

Happily eating my cereals now. I just had maggie mee for dinner. Saturdays are always home alone days and yeah, also maggie days.

Today I really wished that I had such a friend who will always be there for me. Like if I randomly messaged the person and said, "hey, can you have dinner with me today because my parents are going out and there's no dinner for me". The friend will reply, "Yeah of course! (:"

I tried to think of someone to send the message to, but somehow I decided that I'll be disappointed if the person rejected me so I didn't.

I also wished that there was someone who will come over to my place to study or play with me when I'm home alone too. But somehow somehow...

I'm not feeling sad or what, I'm still happily eating my cereal. I just thought it will be so difficult to find someone who wishes you're his/her best friend, and at the same time, you wish he/she will be your best friend.

Tolerance and acceptance, they are so hard to achieve.

Best friends, they will send you messages just to check on you. They will arrange meet-ups so they can see you. They will always be there for you. Isn't it hard to find someone who's like that?

Or maybe, just maybe, effort is what it takes. Effort to ask, effort to organize, effort to care.

If you're have a best friend in life, I think you're really lucky (: Lucky to have someone there for you even if everything else fails. Someone there for you to share your happiness and sorrow. Someone there for you to care.

I read my friend's blog and just knew that she broke up with her boyfriend. Both of them are my friends. So I was just wondering, is it due to the lack of effort or the change of feelings? Or simply the incompatibility in characters?

Almost 2 years of relationship just went down the drain. Is it really cause of the girl's high expectations? Or the guy simply couldn't care as much as time goes by...

Alright, back to webcast and my ton of work again!

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