Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why Deciding Match Again?

Now I'm damn freaking tired cause I woke up at 7plus am to go down to school for badminton IFG. The final result, we got 2nd for our group. Depressing much cause if we had won 1st in the group, we'll meet medicine instead of a sudden death from meeting Engine.

Almost no chance to win them to get into finals.

Girls' singles lost. Girls' doubles lost. Men's singles won damn easily cause of the pro Indon guy we recruited from the team. Men's doubles won by playing rubber set. Mixed doubles...

Mixed doubles. That was what I had to play. Mixed doubles. First set Ivan and I won it, pretty fast. Then second set we lost it pretty quickly and there goes the third set too... Kept getting attacked, was so tired my brains weren't functioning, didn't think properly where to place the shuttle and I just kept making mistakes.


Why did we lose to Science?

Why why why?


Next week's the semis and yeah, instant death probably. Engine engine engine...

AND OMG, I just realized I have to hand up my assignment by 3pm on Monday, and do my tutorial by 12pm on Monday, and hand up a whole list of questions by 2nd September. Haven't done anything at all but my brains are fried from the games and it isn't working at all. Gotta chiong tomorrow after church! ):

Why so much things to do suddenly.

*emos more*

I'm so sleepy I wanna go to bed nowwww.

Work, work, work ):

And as usual, cried when I lost the game... somehow a habit which I can't kick off. Off to bed I'm dying.

Whyyyy did I lose the game? ))))))):

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