Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pro Finder Who?

Pro stalker finder who?

Pro finder me! :D

Okay, it's not that I'm really proud of it that I'm a super pro finder. I was trying to find friends on facebook to add them. And it's weird if I just add like one or two of them so I decided I should be unbiased and add all of them. In case you're wondering who they are, they're my badminton IFG team mates. I wanna add them so I can see their photos for fun. I hope they don't read my blog...

And yeah, I tried finding through my captain who seems to know them all. But I failed... so I remembered that two of them are from AJ, so I tried my luck and typed their names in the "Search" thing. And I found one of them, but her facebook profile picture is like soooooo different from her in real life, I didn't know if I found the right person. Then I went to find her friend whose name is "Adeline". Failed to find under the friends list! So I thought harder and decided that I should try finding "Ade" instead, she might love short forms.

And tadahhhhh, I found it. She looks somewhat different too, but her profile's open so I get to see her photos and all! (: So I confirmed it's her and I decided that the first girl I found is the right one too cause there was an album named "AJC badminton team" and I saw her (:

*prays hard they don't come to my blog*

But, I haven't added them because I'm worried that they will think I'm weird cause I managed to find them. It's super super super far lol.

Anyway, the other day Ek was doing some NM survey so he asked me about facebook stuff. One of the first questions was, "Out of all your friends, how many of them do you know personally?"

That left me thinking for some time, and I told him about 800? lol. 800/1279 friends. It's not that I randomly accept people's friend requests. It's just that every single time after Arts camp, there will be tons of people sending friend requests and I'll just accept them once I see that he/she knows someone from my house. Cause that will probably mean he/she is from S House too. Okay, maybe I overestimated the number of people I do not know personally, maybe it's less.

But that brings me to another random thing. I hope this person doesn't read my blog, it's a little embarrassing. This random 'friend' requested to play "Hanging with Friends" with me, and I accepted. Then he started a little chat over the game and yeah, he sounded like he knows me cause he asked me if I was going for O' week but I didn't know who exactly he was. I tried to find him on fb but my phone's fb said there's no such name on my friends list. So I just replied him as if I know him personally... Act a bit

We stopped playing the game after a while cause I kept winning him. lol.

Anyway, on Monday, this guy walked past me and I know he's from R House because we exchanged a few sentences during camp before. I know he's him and he knows I'm me. So all we do when we see each other each time is to wave at each other. But on Monday, he walked past and commented, "You always win me!"

And I went like, "Huh?"

"You always win me!" (thought I didn't hear him)


"The hanging with friends!"

And I went, "Ohhhhhh... hahahaha (awkward laughter)"

Monday, that was the day I realized I've been playing the game with him. And it occurred to me that I didn't know his name before Monday @.@

So the moral of this story is, do not be a House IC. haha, okay no, that's not the moral of the story. The moral of the story is, do not assume that people know your name, they probably don't?

I changed a lot of my privacy setting today because I decided privacy is important. All my photos are now private, only friends can see it.

And I just added those two girls that I stalked found on fb. lol.

I've lots of tutorials to do, but I'm here finding people on fb. heeeee.

Okay, I should go bathe and eat dinner!! I gotta sleep at 10pm again for tomorrow's 8am lesson. Yayyyyy.

LOL. Goodnight.

And oh yeah, I've been eating these days :O Friday I ate half a packet of Bak Chor Mee, then I ate Lor Mee when I met Dave and Ah Cai, then I ate Ah Loy with Caleb at 5pm (early dinner cause he didn't have lunch!). Today's rice in the morning, crazy amount of Dim Sum for lunch and I'm gonna have dinner later...

Okayyy. really goodbye :D

Muscle acheeeeeeeeee.

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