Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moves Like Jagger

Harlow. I replied my student with "Harlow" when she hello-ed me on whatsapp. Her reply was, "what's that?" I told her, it means hello, she asked me, "Where did she learn that from?"

And I ignored her. That's the end of the little paragraph. No meaning :D

I've been really busy. Equally busy. Haven't been less busy till today. Everyday there's stuff on. 

I think I've to start recalling from last Friday which was Caleb's birthday! :O

His Birthday Card (:

Put my drawing skills to use again! (:

I had no school on Friday. So I went to Vivo to get a cake from Bakerzin before going to school to surprise him. Was running late and I still had to rush to the library to get Chock's lighter from him cause I forgot to bring a lighter. Then I half-ran to Engine where his lecture was because Sharon told me that their lecture had ended. It went well in the end though! (:

The Birthday Boy with the Birthday Cake.


The pathetic small number of people who could make it for the small surprise!


After surprise, Sharon and Joshua sort of made us go to some supposedly famous Prawn Noodles with them. They actually wanted to go there, and if we were going, they can hitch a ride from Caleb (: So off we went to that place. But the prawn noodles wasn't exactly fantastic. And we went there about 3pm, and they had no more pork ribs, no more kway tiao and all.

Then Caleb and I went over to Kallang Leisure Park! :D

At some bubble tea place (:

I finally bought a badminton racket. Kinda had no choice cause I can't keep borrowing the racket from Ian (some guy that I'm not even close to, but his racket is the nicest to use so I borrowed his), so I bought one. IFG's this coming Saturday!

Went over to Old Airport Road to queue up for tau huey. Crazy number of people, the queue was insane before the stall even opened!!!! But we were quite in front so we got our tau hueys! :D

Happy boy with his Tau Huey!

It was cell after dinner and after cell, they surprised him too (:

Saturday was Eunice's birthday celebration. Gabby and I went over to the hotel at around 4pm to decorate the room. Andrew checked in at 2pm and Aaron bought the cake and went over early too (:

Lazy Andrew.

The deco (:

Got ready, made up and waited for her arrival (:

Pink Balloons (:

Derrick and Sasa picked her up. The box Derrick's holding is the food that they bought from the hawker centre. Eunice was blindfolded cause she didn't know we booked the hotel for her (:

Happy 21st Birthday Eun! :D


More food that Aaron bought when he came back after his family dinner.
Red lobster.

The entire night we played D & D. Excitings. Aaron kept getting "drink 5 shots" and after 2 times of the 5 shots, he turned really red and went to sleep.

Anyway, those who survived the night, Eunice, Sasa, Gabby, Andrew, Keenan, Kenneth and I, went to Marina Square, Esplanade and all to try finding food and contacts solution and case (cause I forgot to bring). Failed to find any food or contacts stuff, so we walked back to the hotel.

Andrew went back to the hotel while the rest of us went for breakfast at Macs (:

Then Gabby, Eun, Aaron and I left for home at 6plus am in the morning.

Missed church on Sunday cause I was really sleepy. Then I forgot what I did on Sunday @.@

Monday was school at 8am, then Caleb and I went to meet Hasan, Dave and Atika at Ameen (: Derrick and Weishan came at the time when Caleb and I left for the Lillian's place.

Tuesday was school from 12-4pm, then it was crazy rush to tuition at Lor 8 at 5pm, and when it ended, I rushed home and had maggie mee before rushing to Sin Ming for tuition at 8pm. And for your info, I didn't purposely arrange tuition to kill myself. They had exams this coming week and I couldn't finish teaching them so I had no time but to have both on the same day.

And Wednesday was TS Practical, and work after that. Had Haatos with Caleb after work before coming home for the last episode of my show (:

Muscle aching like mad now cause of the practical )): Saturday's the match, think I'm half paralyzed now rahhhh.
Anyway, Tanlily asked if we could ctrl + z our lives, which period would I go back to... I think I'll want to go back to the end of J1. Even though we had Prelims and all, we were so happy. There'll be people eating with us every recess. We could laugh like crazy as a clique. Do stupid things like stationary waves during chemistry lab lessons. Fail our exams happily. Maybe not happily, but it wouldn't matter that much even if we failed our exams. We could go shopping after school without worrying about studies. We could think of stupid ideas like if our form teacher said "So?" again, we'll stand up and go, "a needle pulling thread". Even though we didn't do it in the end, we laughed for 15 minutes talking about the idea alone. We can have crushes on people occasionally. We can bitch about classmates that we hate. We can camwhore like crazy during periods where the teacher wasn't there. We can have our usual seats in class.  There wasn't a need for class participation. Our notes were always printed.

Omggggg, I think I'll go on and on if I were to continue. I want to go back... ... ... ...

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