Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Long Overdue Post!

I had this draft in my dashboard since I don't know when. This week has been busy, am busy and will still be busy! So many thousand things to do, and now even my parents are saying I'm super busy. It's like I'll be out of the house in the morning, perhaps come home, get changed and I'll be out of the house again within minutes. I've no free time so far until now! 0133am. Haven't read my readings, but done quite a lot of stuff but seriously busy max, really no time! ):

It's like I feel really bored every time I go to my friend's blog and there are no new updates for me to read. So I try really hard not to make people feel that way. But no, failed terribly cause I really can't afford the time to blog. 

Let's see. On Friday I didn't have school. Continued to shop for Jessica's present with Tang and Annie till late. Then the next morning, we reached Toni&Guy at 12pm because I saw the time wrongly! @.@ Darwin told me 2pm, but I saw it as 12pm and we went there to sit for 2 hours. Did our hair, rehearsed and had the show. Camou cream all over my face. Photos up on facebook already! 

Then I met Lebby for supper at Zam Zam! Murtabak which I realized I didn't really like. I could totally tell he's very disappointed. It's like what he likes, I don't like. Sad.

Then Sunday, we had church in the morning. After that, Lebby's sister, him and I went to Lor 2 to have the yummy Come Daily Hokkien Mee! :D Then I had to rush back home to get changed and I rushed out of my house within 7 or 8 minutes. I met Shunli and we met Gabby at Bishan. Then we were off to Pat's house for card-making.

Walked over to the Sports Hall from Pat's place. Not near at all. Played badminton with Marie, Shermeen and Matthew. And it was dinner at 9+pm with Lebby before I went home to sleep!!!

8am lecture on Monday! Lectures ended at 12pm and at 1pm it was badminton for IFG. Then finally had some time to rest before going for bible classes. So I fell asleep reading my readings at YIH. Damn super tired from all the travelling and lack of rest!!! ):

Tuesday which is today. I woke up earlier to do up the board for Jessica's birthday. Walked to the bus stop and passed the board to Tang. Then off I went to school for lectures. 

Came home, rested for like a short while and I had to leave my house to go to Jessica's place to surprise her with the rest. Could tell all of us were dying and sleepy! But still love JALJALS a lot a lot a lot (: Dinner was at Tao's. Yummy Yummy food! Medium Rare steak was damn bloody but I like! 

Now I'm sleepy max again! But thank God school starts at 2pm tomorrow. TS Practical :D

Alright, photos photos photos to clear!!!

Went to support Rag! :D My Winnie the Pooh umbrella from Bkk and I! (:

The two poor souls who had no seats to sit cause we were trying to lead cheers.

:D S House Swee!!!


lol. Far away shot taken by Keith.

My usual face! hahaha

S House outing at the Glass House! With S4!


Zhenyu and Sonia! (: House ICs! :D

The Lao ehs with the found Ice Cream sticks!

Those who went to Frolick after! (:

Esther! :D Lebby's sister btw.

Sour Sally yummmmms! :D

Haircut down. Chopped off my hair!

Yummy Fish Soup from Suntec City!

FULL WORKS FULL WORKS FULL WORKS from Food For Thought! I always get high when I see this lol.

Love this!!! :D

Mr Google Eyes! (:

Yummy Pancakes from Food For Thought too! :D

Yoghurt from JCO! (:


Fish and Chips from Clementi.

Ice Cream at I forgot what's the place.

Terry Phoon, Gole Chai, Jack Neo and I! :D

Scoopz after shopping for presents!! :D

The retard. LOL!

hahahaha, epic photo again!

The theme for Darwin's graduation show was Contacted, so we're in army attire!

Nails nails. Shatter from Bkk! 

My hair after Stanley curled it.

Attire for the show.

Advertisement for Green Man Toothpaste! (:


At Zam Zam! :D

African Lips (:

$7 Chicken Murtabak!

Yayness, end of photos! More photos on the next post which may be next week! (:

Goodnight all! :D

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