Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello. 1222am on Friday morning. Time flies.

Tuesday was National Day and it was Rag too! Went down to support Arts in Rag, screamed like mad only to realize my used-to-be damn powerful voice is gone. No more loudness in it. It became weak and soft. And that only tells me that I'm getting older and I shouldn't attempt to even try being a House IC again! ):

Was supposed to meet Royalties for Dim Sum at Sunshine Plaza at 3pm but by the time I finished watching and left the place, it was almost 6pm! Decided to join Caleb's family at Changi for dinner, and so I trained down to Stadium to meet them at Kallang Leisure Park! :D

Today someone just told me that the circle line is expensive. I forgot who. I think it was Waikit.

Anyway, after dinner I bus-ed to Yunzheng's place for mahjong with Ervin, Jacquelyn and him. Played till 330am and Lebby came to pick me up and at the same time, sent my new friend back! Best boyfriend ever. 330am y'know.

I won $34 and none was spent on cab fare!!! (:

The next morning, I woke up early to have Food For Thought with Lebby! :D Yummy Yum Yum. Uber happy eating the Full Works + Pancakes! Photos are in my phone and I'm lazy to upload them! But both are really good! You got to try them!! I love the Garlic Mushrooms (even though I hate Garlic) and the pancakes!!! Love love love. It felt as if I was in heaven! :D

Then after FFT, we went to Bugis to look for Jieying's present for her party which was later on! Got stuff for her, then I went for tuition and Lebby went home.

Party was at Orleander Tower! 3 minutes away from my place! :D BBQ was not bad, I kept eating and eating. I sincerely believe that I ate the most amount of food that night! -guilty-

Sharon came over to stay over. Bro didn't come home so I happily slept on his bed! (: And had a damn long dream...

I dreamt that I could fly. No wings, no brooms, just flying. I felt like Harry Potter actually. Then Voldemort was chasing after me. That guy wasn't exactly Voldemort but I know he's evil. He was looking for me and I just kept flying around to run away from him! But eventually he caught me and I became some sort of his slave! Whenever he goes, I've to follow along.

Then the evil guy suddenly saw his friend (in mid-air) and he told me that I'm free for a while (while he catches up with his friend). So I flew as fast as I could away from him cause he said he'll track me down after that!

Flew to the outskirts of town and finally landed on a rooftop. The people in the building were like wondering how come I could land on their rooftop! Then I went in and found out that it was a kindergarten. So I walked in, and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Can I borrow the toilet?" haha. I wasn't exactly urgent in my dream, I was just thinking that I should use the toilet because if the evil guy finds me again, I would have to follow him around and I wouldn't be able to go to the toilet. haha.

Okay, and then I woke up feeling really tired from flying the entire night.

Now I feel sleepy talking about my dream.

Today was fun. I had an hour of funny ttm lecture. Then just when I was going home, Engkwan asked me to sign up for the practical for TS. So I went over to the computer centre and chose the slot for it. And thank god he called me because when I reached there, the slot I originally wanted was full and I had to take another slot with Engkwan!!!

Then after that, Waikit, Engkwan and I went over to Clementi. Hanxie joined us too and we had lunch and walked around. Then it was off to tuition before going home for dinner. Then rehearsal with Tangs over at Toni&Guy.

Alright, time to switch off the laptop. Goodnight bye! :D

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