Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goodbye Long Long Hair

Today was haircut day.

I didn't exactly wanted to cut my hair. Probably only wanted to cut my fringe. But since Darwin needed models for his graduation show, I agreed and psycho-ed Tangs to do it too! :D So the two of us could go together for the haircut!

I think he probably cut away like 4-5 itches of my long long hair! My hair used to be till my waist. Now it's  only until my chest area! And the art director, Roy, refused to let Darwin cut my fringe cause he says it will look similar to Tang's hairstyle. So he suggested that during the actual show, Darwin should curl my fringe instead... so I'm stuck with my long long fringe till this Saturday!

*horrified face*

Seriously, I only wanted to cut my fringe and there he chopped off so much of my hair, but refused to cut a strand of my fringe.


No more long long hair to bring to the front! ):

This is a really redundant post to inform y'all that I had a haircut today.

Was at Toni and Guy since 11am all the way till almost 5pm!!!

Oh, and I walked around with Lubby around City Hall after that before going to Lillian's place. We bought the awfully chocolate chocolate cake for them! :D

Tomorrow there's rag and Royalties Dim Sum Buffet at Sunshine Plaza. 

And you know what, I got myself an organizer so that I can write down events that are happening so I wouldn't stm and forget about them!!! :D

Alright, bye! (:

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