Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hi. Mummy's so cute, she's watching soccer now. Super random, she doesn't watch soccer... and she's getting all excited over the match lol.

Sometimes you feel really relieved when you let go of something and let some people know about it. It's like when someone tells you a secret, you'll always hope that there's someone else who knows the secret so you won't have to keep the secret to yourself and you get to talk to someone about the secret. I think you get what I mean (:

It's all in the mind, it's all in the mind, it's all in the mind.

Mental strength > Desire

And I realized my teeth probably shifted cause I smile weirdly nowadays. It looks damn forced and fake.. so I'm gonna smile with my mouth close from now on. I'll open my mouth and show my teeth when the shot is taken from far (: Practice makes perfect.

This post isn't coherent, I think you know that.

I've ran out of blogs to read, that's the reason why I'm here to blog (:

I started school at 8am today and it was super omega tiring and I kept counting down to the end of lessons. Lecture from 8-10am, 10-12pm, and tutorial from 12-1pm. Then I went to the Deck to copy do the assignment for Macro before following Ervin to library and coop to get his stuff. And I did my labor assignment! :D Not fully done but half done (: Tomorrow I'll start searching for answers since I've the entire day.

Alright, this shall be a short update because I forgot the reason why I came to blog.

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