Friday, August 26, 2011


I've been reading Tanlily's blog and it has became a motivation for me to blog. She's blogging almost every single day and I always feel happy when I see that there are new posts for me to read :D

Her latest entries are mainly about dreams and I suddenly thought of a weird dream I had recently. I dreamt that I went out with D and I. Then suddenly, D told me that I'm going back to his place to meet his parents after that. I was quite surprised and somehow in my dream, I knew that I was going back to his place to 见家长. So I got really worried because I have no idea why he thought I was together with him! Then I immediately went to tell I about it, and how D thinks I'm his girlfriend, but the whole time I wasn't with him.

I think my dream ended like that.

Tmr's IFG, I have to sleep at 10pm to wake up at 6pm.

Home's such a distracting place. I kept telling myself to do work, but I kept failing to do so. A lot of tutorials to complete. A lot a lot, but I'm just do lazy. It's like my heart and my brains are fighting with each other. One tells me to stop using the laptop and do my work, the other one tells me I'm tired and should not do work. Which should I listen to??? ):

Which which which?

Oh, but it's almost 10pm, I guess there's no time to debate which I should listen to... soooo, I shouldn't do work today. hohoho.

And today I watched 2pm show and laughed like mad till my mother thinks I'm mad (:

Alright, goodnight. Pray for my badminton match tomorrow (:

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