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BKK Post!

WARNING: There are more than 70 photos in this post. So if you're busy right now, please come back another time!

Bkk with ALALS! Missing the 2 J's! We went from 1-5 Aug (no weekends cause Tanahli has competition on Saturday!). But thankfully we didn't stay for the weekends cos I really can't imagine the damage done if our flight included the weekend!

Very nice Lebby sent Tangs, Ahli and I to the airport at 4+am on Monday. We were supposed to pick Ahli up at 420am and that also happened to be the time she woke up and went to bathe. So we went to Tangs' place to pick her up before we waited for the late Ahli at the carpark below her place.

Took a photo with the driver while waiting! :D


Then it was off to the airport to meet the Bishan gang, Annie and Pat! :D We checked in at about 5plus since our flight was at 0715am.  Then we went for KFC breakfast at the airport cause we had about an hour. Then we happily walked to the department gate only to realize that Pat and Gabby's boarding pass weren't chopped! Their names were written down manually (too long their names the back part got cut off) so they were supposed to have the airport chop! The security guard didn't allow them to go in, so they had to chiong all the way back to the check in place to get the chops before they chionged back to the department gate before all of us chionged to the gate!!!

Ran like crazy women to the gate D8 which was so duper far away!!! And we were the last few to enter seriously. Immediately after we presented our boarding pass and went in, we could walk into the plane! Super late but thank god we managed to catch our flight! :D

In the plane! :D

Reached Bkk at about 9am bangkok time. And took a cab, 700 baht, to the hotel... only to realize that our hotel is damn cui! ): Floral patterns on the bedsheet (ultimate turnoff for me!) and a super sad room...

Then they found out that we've 5 people instead of 4, and I bet they ketuk us! Made us pay extra for that additional person (not like we got another bed or what!) and it was like 2000 baht for the 4 nights! )):

The very sad us... Don't know why Ahli is smiling though.

Left the hotel after we settled stuff and had our first meal at KFC!

We had egg tarts, spicy drumlets, 2-piece chicken each, fries and drinks!

Then we walked around Indra Square before we proceeded to Platinum Mall for shopping!!!! :D Then dinner was at Black Canyon Coffee before we went back to our hotel! It was raining the entire day, and we had to buy umbrellas for 159 baht each! Super expensive cause after we reached our hotel, there was a guy selling umbrellas at only 60 baht each!!!

Overhead bridge that links to Platinum Mall.

Loots of the day! :D

Some fashion parade for Day 1! :D

The top that I wore out the following day!

Ahjuma (Auntie!) Tang. We kept laughing at her after she came out of the shower cause she looked so funny!

Day 2!!! :D

Took a Tuk Tuk to MBK! 80 baht.

We squeezed 5 of us into the small Tuk Tuk and I had to sit on this small ledge throughout the entire journey.

Pad Thai!! :D

Yummy desserts! Some choose your own ingredients dessert + Mango Sticky Rice + Durian Sticky Rice.

Then we shopped around MBK. It wasn't as fantastic as Platinum Mall cause the stuff there aren't as cheap. It's more like a tourist attraction kind of mall.

Rested and had Waffles and Ice Chocolate!!! :D


And dinner was at Ajisen Ramen!!! :D

Damn cheap Ramen! I forgot how much it was but I think it's about $4 for the set or the bowl of Ramen! (:

Ahjuma!!! lol.

Day 3! I shared room with the two of them!

And talking about sharing room and bed. Annie was sleeping super soundly one night, she totally slept diagonally across the bed! Then I was left with this small margin of space (couldn't even lie on my bed) and I had to sleep on my side the entire night. Plus, I couldn't change sides cos I'll stare right into her if I face her! lol. So Annie happily slept very well for the entire night while Tang and I almost fell off the bed. hahahah.

Ahjuma blowing her hair. 

EPIC photo. LOL!!!

Then she went to straighten/blow dry her fringe and she looked really ridiculous after that, all of us kept laughing at her. lol.

Gabby the tootsie for the day.

Road side carrot cake which was quite yummy but spicy. It's totally unlike the Singapore carrot cake!

New Bag!

We scraped the idea of going to Dreamworld (theme park) and shopped at Pratunam Market and Platinum Mall on the third day!

And at night, initially we went to Asia Hotel wanting to watch the Lady Boy show! But they ran out of spaces and just when we were gonna head back, a security guard recommended us another place to watch the show. And he said he'll help us get a driver for 200 baht who will drive us to that place and back to our hotel after that! So we agreed, and turned out that the driver was the guy sitting at the reception. So we sat in his Nissan car and went to this place out of Bkk for the show!

In the theatre, gonna watch Lady Boy show. 1000 baht per person! Super expensive.

It's called Mambo.

All the trannys.

The funniest performer!! lol.

And the tranny which the guy is holding on to is super gross. She kept touching her boobs and showing to this guy in front of us, and kept telling him to stuff tips into her boobs after the show ends!!! And that guy really did...

Funny auntie in the middle. haha.

Chicken Wing and Macs for supper! We tabao Macs cause we didn't have time for dinner.. but in the end we didn't manage to eat them at all till supper time after we came back from the show!

Prawns and Yummy Fish!!! (:

New clothes! :D

Cheap Ice Cream!!

My buys....

Outfit for Day 4! :D

Went over to Khaosan and had Subway for brunch! The cookie is super small in bkk!!

Finding the Massage Place at Khaosan.

Initially, they got 2 guys and 3 girls to massage for us! But we sort of strongly objected to the idea and they changed them to all girls!!! Scary much!

After the oil massage, Ahli did braiding!

Pat did braiding too!

See the don't number 3. What does it mean??

After massage and braiding and shopping, we went over to Chinatown for seafood dinner!! :D


Bought lots of Jelly Drink to drink!!! 

Kangkong! (:


Fried Rice!

Crab in Chilli Sauce.

Crab in Salted Egg Yolk! :D

Banana Egg Roti Prata for dessert! This is super good. I love it....

2pm 2pm 2pm! And Wooyoung's in front! :D

Then all of us had to do the action of the one that we like... the photos are retarded so please refer to facebook if you're interested.

2 chicken wings each and sausages! The chicken wings are damn nice! (: 

Day 5!!! :D

Dairy Queen Cheap Cheap Yummy Ice Cream!! :D

A&W Root Beer Float. And by the way, what does A&W stand for???

Waffle Chicken!

WIth A&W bear! :D

Fried Quail Eggs!

Toilet at the lobby! :D

Airport dinner. Wanton Soup.


Gabby's Jade Noodles with roasted duck which tasted like normal noodles.

Ahli's char siew noodles.

Pad Thai which was pretty yummy.

And my Fried Rice which wasn't nice at all. Totally tasted like plain rice! And the prawns tasted like rubber!

Mango Sticky Rice...

First one says Zebra Man.. okay, it's actually a monk.

Airplane!! :D

And I wanted to take a photo of Tang's messy hair, but aiming fail max... I bet he thinks I was trying to take a photo of him... And at the plane, we were surrounded by noisy ttm Tiongs and he's one of the quieter ones.

Massage at Singapore Airport lol.


End of photos! I'm feeling so sleepy now!!!! It's 0133am and I've to wake up early for hair cut tomorrow!

Today was church before S House outing at the Glass House! :D I think my appetite increased! I had a Singaporean Fish and Chips! I finished every single bit of the food.. and somehow shocked myself cause I don't usually finish the food.

Then it was Frolick with some of them. Zhenyu's treat! :D And Hysen sent Mavis, Mag, Wilson and I home after that! :D

Alright, time for bed!!! Goodnight! (:

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