Friday, August 19, 2011

The Birthday Post 1

It's Birthday Post 1 because I'm too lazy to upload the photos from Lubby's birthday! That shall be Birthday Post 2! (: 

Recalling again, wednesday, I had practical lessons for TS. That also happens to be the day I lost my $32 Labor textbook. I just bought it that day and I lost it on the same day within 15 minutes. ): I think I left it in the toilet and after lesson when I went to look for it, it wasn't there anymore. Emo.

Wednesday was also feasting day. I gave Lubby his birthday treat on Wednesday cause I was gonna have tuition on Thursday and Friday we were supposed to have cell. So after my school, we went over to Baskin Robbins for dessert! :D

Alright, shall post some random photos first! :D

Random cutarded photo of Lubby. Cute + Retarded!

Come Daily Hokkien Mee! :D

The Snow White that I drew for Jessica's board *claims credit*

Completed board! :D

The pretty birthday girl! (:

And Jessica's mummy is super funny. She can't keep her eyes open for the photo and I had to keep retaking. lol.

Finally one with her eyes open! :D

Those who went to pick her up at her place! (:

After picking her up at her place, we went over to meet Shunli at Tao's for her dinner treat! :D All the photos of the food are on facebook! It was a 7-course dinner!

My main course. Medium Rare Steak! :D

Jaljals without Pat.


Okay back to Wednesday.

Baskin Robbins! :D

After dessert, we went over to Liang Court and UE Square area cause I was gonna treat Lubby to Senor Santas! Some meat meat buffet where the guys will go round cutting meat for us. Not cheap at all. The total bill was about $89 for 2! Booms.

Lots of food.

And a happy boy.

And it was Man Jia Le Milk Tea for dessert. lol.

And the Birthday Menu that I made.

Short post today.

Yesterday (Thursday), I had an hour of lecture and 2 hours of badminton training and tuition after that.

And today's Lubby's birthday! So,


I changed the time, so it's still your birthday! (:

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