Monday, July 11, 2011

So Haps! :D

Haps as in Happening, Haps as in Happy! :D

I think I haven't been blogging regularly. The last post was on Wednesday morning (which is Tuesday late night?), and today's Sunday! Been wanting to blog but I didn't upload the photos just yet so I didn't. I love reading blogs! It's my favorite pastime. I really like people to blog every single day even though it may be just chunks and chunks of words. I will still read them because as I've said, it's my favorite pastime. Of course photos make me visualize better, but I like wasting my time reading people's lives! :D

Today was a Haps x 2 day. Happening + Happy day. I shall still go on with my weekly report before I start talking about today.

Monday: Work + Meeting in school for AAR which I was 45 minutes late for! Paul the PD ordered buffet for dinner which we had after meeting at around 9 plus. Then Chock sent me home! (:
Tuesday: Work + Meeting in school again! This time for House. Selected the new house ICs for O week. Then Ervin sent me to Amk! (:
Wednesday: Work + Dinner at home + Jaljals (:
Thursday: Work + Tuition
Friday: Badminton + Night Cycling with S4 + Supper with Lubby!
Saturday: Church + Lunch with Lubby + Dinner at Lubby's place with his family!
Sunday: Church + Vics' Birthday Lunch + Prawning

S4! Those who were there early! :D

My butt almost died during night cycling! We rented the bike from Changi and we cycled all the way to East Coast (before that we went to supposedly Old Changi Hospital), and every hump that I passed, it was like torture to my butt!!! Wanted to stop cycling so badly, but thankfully there were people like Chi Pang, Nigel, Shaun and others to entertain me. All the lao ehs. haha.

And the lucky part was, I only had to cycle to East Coast before I passed on the bike to Gim Siong! The rest of them were planning to cycle till 7am! Madness!!! I left and had supper with Lubby at Seng Kee (I think). Herbal Soup Mee Sua, super nice!! It was like kidney Mee Sua.

Anyway, photos with Jaljals at Scoopz! :D

Long time no see Jessica!!! (:

Tan Lily looks super happy here.

And we kept teasing her saying how she looked like she's working at the Maids' Cafe.

Happy children! :D

More happy children! :D

Caleb and the Maths question for Primary 5.

Friday after badminton! We went to Casuarina Curry for my tea break and Lubby's lunch.

The little boy's out of reservist lo.

My Maggie Goreng!

And his Mushroom Cheese prata.

The Kidney Herbal Soup Mee Sua.

Saturday, he surprised me with a fruit tart from Delifrance for breakfast! It's super super good! (((:

And Ice Milo. thank you lubby!

Lunch was at Prime Cut at tpy. Not that yummy. I think the shop's gonna close down soon due to lack of business! My BBQ Chicken..

And Lubby's turtle-like Striplone.

The over-exposed Polariod cause I forgot to set the settings to outdoor!!! ))):

We parked the car at some lot and went down specially to get some uncle and auntie to take a polariod for us! lol.

Vics' Birthday Lunch was at Clifford at Fullerton Bay Hotel. Damn ups place. We had the UOB Set Meal each and Vics paid for the meal!! THANK YOU VICSSSSS!!! Total bill was like $360 for 9 of us!!! :O

Salad with Blue Cheese, Walnut and Beetroot.

Main: Grilled Salmon Trout with some Rosti-like thing and Caviar.

Dessert: Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart with Sorbet.

And Tea with lots of other stuff. The empty space there was initially filled with 2 Lemon Marshmellows.

Free cake provided by the hotel.

The 'Birthday' Girl


The Girls..


The cake that we bought for her!

Polariods! :D

Royalties! (:

After the celebration, Lubby picked me up and we went to Sin Ming for prawning with Sharon, Waikit, Sabrina and her friend! :D

Prawning's like my new found love. Super fun!!! But it isn't cheap. $30 for 3 hours for 1 rod!!!


Spamming photos before we even started.

Pretending to be pro.

We caught 12 prawns in total after 3 hours. Quite lousy cause we didn't catch any for the 1st hour. lol. But I became super pro after that, I think I caught 5/6 of the prawns!!! (:

Happy happy!!!!

BBQ-ed the prawns on the spot and shared them.

Then dinner at Pizza Hut. I had the set meal.. Soft Crabipatta Pasta or something. lol. It's quite sweet.. 

Yay, then it's home sweet home! There's work tomorrow I think I need to sleep soon!!! Sweepy already.

And I always lose the motivation halfway through the post so it will always end up being very random and quick.

Like now, cos I'll feel sleepy and I'll want to end it like now now now. Bye!

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