Wednesday, July 13, 2011

say bye to purplefairyhorse!

My email died. I have no idea whether it got hacked or it just got blocked off, cause I can't log in anymore and it just kept telling me to key in my handphone number so they can send me a code. But the thing is, the code never ever comes ):

No more purplefairyhorse! That's damn sad. My purplefairyhorse...

And I'm feeling quite miserable now cause I'm quite full. But I'm thirsty so I just keep drinking water! So I'm full but I'm thirsty.. and it's damn terrible cause I feel super miserable every time I drink the water cause it makes me really bloated. But at the same time, I'm so thirsty, I really really need the water.

Dilemma. Don't know if I should stop making myself feel bloated or feel thirsty.

Sleepy now. Work is tiring. It makes me zombified. And MPE is making my brain fried. Taking in advice from a senior now.. it's making me rethink about the choices that I've put.

And I think I'm the guy and Caleb's the girl. Cause he's forever craving for desserts aka ice cream, bubble tea, yoghurt while I'm always excited to eat rice. Like really opposite! And just now we went to Ah Loy and he really wanted to have Gelare so we went.. I almost almost fell asleep in front of the place cause I was so sleepy. And really was too full, I ate a slightly more than 1/4 of the waffle only.

Yeahhhhh, tomorrow there's work again! Gonna try doing some interviews. Excited much. Cos it means more income yays. And so sleepy, I think I'm gonna sleep soon!

Last night I had dinner with Lubby at "With a pinch of salt" and the Aglio Olio tastes like Tze Char stall's noodles. lol. Not nice! I want yummy Aglio Olio!

Random ttm post. Just feel like posting random stuff. Oh and I had KFC breakfast with Tangs and Annie today in the morning! Shocking right! Annie actually reached KFC at 1055? And all of us only reached office at 12noon... just remembered,  I forgot to write my timesheet just now hurhur.

Time for bed! I pray that tomorrow I'll be lucky and I can fill up all my slots easily without kick! :D I pray I pray.

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