Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lonely, I'm Ms Lonely

I'm alone in the office now, no idea where Tang and Annie went to. I think Tang's avoiding some interviewer so she probably ran upstairs to hide. Then perhaps Annie's with her. I'm sad because I think I have to work till 930pm tomorrow!!! :O The horror of working from 11am to 930pm or worse 10pm, is scaring me. I called Gerald and he said he won't be able to come to the office for the interviews tomorrow and on Thursday because he has to do the witnessing for the outdoor interviewers! :O :O :O

Can you imagine? All alone in the office till 930pm. I think I'll be so sad and bored and sad and bored. Like no one around to accompany me plus it will be so scary being in the big big office alone! ):

And there's supposedly Booza outing and Jaljals Korean BBQ tomorrow and on Thursday! How to make it for both now!!! ))):

Today's not happy day because the appointments weren't filled up swee sweely. There was a day where I called and the slots got filled up really nicely. Like 130pm, 230pm, 330pm and so on. Like super lucky day. Today the respondent ps-ed me too! I was waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and I called and called and called and messaged, but she didn't reply me at all. Like sad only. Never even tell me she can't make it. So irresponsible.

Anyway, they just came back to the office.

))): Nobody can help meeeeee.

I've to do my interviews. Money in = Can't meet friends.

Gee Gee...

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