Saturday, July 30, 2011


Heehee, I koped the video from Lebby's blog. That's my idol, Captain America! :D

I washed the movie on Thursday and hooray, it's one of my favorite movies for now! Tall, not dark but handsome! And muscular and cool and awesome and brave and nice (:

I totally just kept wowing during the movie seriously. Like he's damn handsome and cool. Like super duper cool. I think the show's interesting! Funny + Cool. Highly recommended! :D

Today was Korean BBQ with Secondary School Clique. Gabby, ah tang and I had to OT until almost 8pm and we chionged to the place because Jessica was alrd there for very long! And there was like a misunderstanding, and I feel a little bad they had to sacrifice. But well, all turned out good. Happy food + happy company + just super happy! :D

And and and, feel like putting up a cool photo of my hair! :D

One random day, I felt like pleating my hair and this was also the day when I met my idol, Captain America! :D You know you have to be more presentable when you meet your idol. I hope he noticed me during the entire adventure!!!

hoho. Today's somehow my last day at work! Next week's gonna be O Week (which I can't go for!!!) and Bkk!!!!!!! Hoorayyyyy. It's holidays! :D

Then school's gonna reopen. Alright, time for oink oink. Captain America!!!

Random photos!

With Lubs at Serene's birthday!

I think I knew Desmond was taking a photo?

Chem engine people! (:

Spot me sitting there happily (:

Alright, end of random photos! Time to sleep! Goodnight! :D

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