Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Haps! :D

Finally a post with photos! (: This week had been busy! Lack of sleep x 3. 

Work work work. Money money money. Tuesday was Harry Potter with Lubs after work. Wednesday I had work till about 930pm and then I went over to PS to meet Atika, Liyana, Austen, Jieying and Lubs. That was supposedly Booza outing!!

We went to Starbucks to chill after.. and Lubs had some Sesame Green Tea Frappe. He loves weird drinks. And Aussiejavacoast sent the usual 4 to tpy where I finally had my dinner (bcm) at like 11pm?

Thursday was work too. And Friday too. Friday I asked Gerald to take over me for the interviews.. then I happily went to Derek's place for Royalties gathering! Drank, met a new friend called Ezekiel (dislike the name because I have trouble pronouncing it!) and played. Then Keenan sent all of us back to our homes at like 4am! Madness!

He had to send Eun back to Hougang, then Gabs and Sasa to Bishan, then Andrew and I to tpy before Xiaoken and him made their way back to Outram! Madness but really thankful! :D

Reached home at 4am, showered and went to bed immediately!

Saturday was Serene's birthday lunch at Serangoon Gardens. Then since Alfred was gonna head to school, I went over to Sharon's house, borrowed a t-shirt, shorts and slippers and hopped onto his car and went to school for Arts O'week precamp! Fun fun fun. It's like sad I'm gonna miss the five days since I'll be in bkk!!!

Then Lubs came over to pick me and we went to collect the clothes from Lily for my scholarship award. 

Sunday was collection of the money, then over to church and lunch with Caleb's family at some Peranakan restaurant and over to AMK Sec for badminton with the NJ badminton people.. then Albert very nicely sent me to Marymount mrt cause the stupid Woody refused to bathe yet. 

Went to the airport to send Vics off before we hung around the airport... then over to the Pinnacle to pay Keenan a visit. And he ended up sending us home again! (:

Homed at 2plus am... so sehhh there's work today. I feel like dying totally. Data entry like mad but super grateful that Annie was helping me with the calling. Thank you Annie!!! (:

It's like so narrative it's making me sleepy again!

Photos!!! (:

The Aglio Olio from "With a pinch of salt" that tasted super like zi char!

Normal Chicken Cutlet.

KFC Bf long time ago with Gabs and Lings.

Then during work one day, Ilona randomly asked us to cut out eyes and noses.

Ah Loy Thai with Lubs.

Gelare waffle. This is the peach and strawberry one. We thought those fruits would be in the waffle itself, but they were in fact just outside. So the chocolate chip waffle is still nicer! :D

Happy like bird.

Awesome KFC bf! I had this again today! Porridge is my love! :D

The super spicy Ayam Penyet at Lucky Plaza!

Chef Wong.

Aglio Olio in the making...

Not very successful Aglio.

The rugby player Pat.

My first time eating Ramly Burger!

Healthy bf from Koufu.

This was during the S house chalet where they had to do a forfeit. 7 wonders.

NP ytf! I had this again today!! (:

Ah Tang tied fish tail braid for me! :D

This took really long to do... Tangs is pro!

The best Tauhuey in Singapore! :D

Circle of Death at Derek's place.

Serene's birthday lunch. Garlic bread.

Caesar Salad :D

Clams Pasta. Not bad.

Carbonara which was fine too.

And her birthday cake, tiramisu!

During Precamp! :D Lightsaber and I!

Me talking to the minister!

With another one. Mr Wong (:

Today's bf! Eyeing the food.

Eating the food.

Not enjoying the food. We ordered the American twister meal and realized we got cheated cause instead of chicken, it was hash brown in it!

(: Biscuits from work!

Alright, end of photos. It's 1am and it's time for sleep!!! I had a terrible headache just now and thank god, it's gone now so I can sleep peacefully! :D

Bkk in a week's time!!! (:

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