Monday, July 4, 2011

hi my phone just died

I just sent a mass message to my ogls and my phone died ):

Like all the messages in my inbox went missing, so I just restarted my phone and I hope it will recover! ):

Omg, nooooo my messages are still missing ))): They somehow got deleted and my inbox's empty now. Emo max x 100000! ))):

Anyway, today was busy busy day. I had church, went for lunch with Caleb's family, went to school to save Zhenyu and ended up learning mass dance which I learnt before, went down to Botak Jones to buy fries for Picnic, over to Marina Barrage for picnic with S5, then to movie at J8 with Caleb.


We missed I think about 10 minutes of the show cause Lebby forgot the timing. But I don't think it matters a lot.

Still damn emo my messages got deleted! )): I'm gonna google to see if there's any solution to recover them!

And noooo, no solution. like seriously, damn sad my messages just got deleted like this. just like that! ):

Please tell me how I can get them back if anyone knows! ):

This was meant to be a super happy post, but my phone just crashed on me! ):

So many sad faces in this post...

Alright, there's work tomorrow I'm gonna be so tired again due to lack of sleep! ):

But today was fun. Yesterday was fun too. Met Caleb after stay over, then steamboat dinner over at Vic's place with Royalties! (:

Friday was not bad. I had badminton with Andy, CC and friend. Then Andy sent me to church for CG.

Thursday was meet up with Chock!

Okay, it's time to sleep... can't believe my day ended so sadly.. or rather started so sadly! ):


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