Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flying To The Land Of Paradise!

It's about 9 more hours before my plane takes off, and about 6 more hours before I've to wake up to get to the airport. I should be sleeping so I can get enough sleep. Desperately sleep deprived today! =/

Yesterday (Saturday), I went for lunch with Sharon, Joshua, Alfred and Caleb at J8. Then Caleb and I left to run errands (my errands for the trip) while the rest went prawning! Went over to his place for dinner with his fam before we headed over to Paya Lebar Methodist Church for Taming The Tiger. It's a talk by some speaker... then halfway through they showed this crazily sad video! Like seriously after 30 seconds, I couldn't look at it cause my tears were so gonna fall. So I looked at the other side, looked up and looked everywhere. But eventually when I looked back at the video, I started crying. Over a video from Youtube I think. My tears are always so annoying, forever falling as and when they want! 

After the rally, I followed his family to Chomp for supper! And then Caleb sent me home to get ready and he sent me over to Tampines for mahjong!

I reached Yunzheng's house about 1am I think. Then just when I thought we could start playing immediately, Ervin was only on his way. And he only reached at about 2am! Damn late...

So we played mahjong till 630am!!!! Craziness. I thought we were gonna end at 3am! And by around 4-5am, Yeehong was stoning already. He was lagging like mad!!!

Cabbed home with him after mahjong. And caught a 3-hour nap before I woke up for church! Sleep-deprived as I've said.

So I should go to bed like now so I can have at least 6 hours of rest! :D

-just came back from stalking on facebook-


Ice Cream from Salted Caramel! I think the flavors are quite limited and not very my kind! I prefer Scoops! :D

I had a perfect record of all victory for 10 matches, until Sharon won me at the 11th one! ):

Ikea Meatballs + $1.90 Mee Soto.

A gigantic carrot!!! :O

Big Carrot Caleb with Small Carrot

My best round ever!!! (:

Stupid app doesn't allow me to save the photos so I had to screenshot it!

Dinner at Caleb's place! Ikea Meatballs, Spaghetti and Sambal Kangkong! (:

The Qing Yi Se that I gamed while waiting for Ervin. So that means no money!

Caleb thought me how to not put the chopstick on the table.

I won $22 from Mahjong last night.. but I gave $10 to Yeehong for the cab fare cause none of us had change. So $12 profit! (:

Alright, Seb wants me to play hanging with friends with him first before I leave for bkk. So I'm gonna off my laptop and yeah, see you in 5 days time!!! :D

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