Thursday, July 28, 2011

Emo Nemo

I just realized I haven't planned for my modules that I need to bid for. I'll be away in bkk from 1-5 Aug, which so happens to be bidding time AGAIN! Same thing last sem... Forever having holidays when there's bidding.

Anyway, I was a fish just now because I realized there's no one to take similar modules with me again. Yeah, I'm gonna be alone for my 8am lecture... and probably alone for 1 or 2 of my UE's which stands for Unrestricted Electives.

Then when I go to school, I'll blog every single day telling people how I'm really sad that I'm having lessons alone like some loser.

Probably 3 weeks later, I'll come and tell y'all that I've gotten over the fact that I'm all alone during lecture.

I hope God talks to me in my dreams and tells me which modules I should take. I promise I won't go and buy 4D or Toto if I see numbers in my sleep. I hope he plans everything for me and makes sure that I won't go group-less. I hope he places some friend of mine there who's also taking the module alone so we can just stick to each other.

Maybe I should pray really hard that he shows me which modules to take before I sleep.

I think I'm gonna take 2 business modules next sem... one probably by myself. Then if I do badly, I'll spam my SU's on them!

Okay, work tomorrow is horrible. 12-930pm with no breaks in between.

*gives up hope*

Where has all my 1274 friends on facebook gone to? ): No one to take modules with. Like a nemo.

Okay I know I'm just ranting and it's not like all these will help me find someone to take modules with me. It won't, I know it won't. But you know you should let it out when you're sad, if not you'll fall into depression and it's not good.

Just shout to the world.

like this.


Alright, I think I should stop doing that cause my friends think I'm always drunk even when I'm really sober.

I'm just a little in my own world today. I need to start getting used to the "I'm all alone by myself" feel so I won't be feeling miserable in school when I take modules alone.

It's damn sad taking modules by yourself. You never know until you've tried it. I don't understand how tiongs can do it. It's like they enjoy being by themselves.

I can't. I need entertainment during lecture. I'll be damn sad if I can't talk for like 2-3 hours ):

Why aren't Jaljals in my school. If not I probably will be taking modules with them! ):

And just another random note, the stupid gay who bullied my boyfriend, I hope you fall down when you're falling and you'll drop inside the toilet bowl when you are doing your business, and there's no more toilet paper when you need them!


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