Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daily Updates! :>

I think :> looks funny I don't know why people use it. haha. :D looks happier cause the mouth is wider! (: looks sweet cause it looks so demure...

Anyway, here to blog about my days even though I'm really tired and feel like sleeping. Got inspired by Lily's post with the Monday: what's happening, Tuesday: what's happening and stuff. Looks so busy and haps. Not like I'm trying to act busy, it's just to keep me thinking about what's there so that my stm wouldn't act on me so frequently.

I need to use my brains more often so it will not fail me so often. hee.

Last week was good I think. Work. Then I think the last last Sunday I went to Lebby's house for dinner. And I had yummy chilli crabs cooked by his mum and man tous! :D And desserts after meal. So yummaye!

Then I can't remember what else. But I think it was fun.

This week was fun too. Lack of vocab, that's why you keep seeing the word fun. Oh yeah, last week I had KFC breakfast twice. Played badminton once. Ah Loy Thai once. Gelare waffled once. Ayam Penyet at Lucky Plaza once. Cooked Aglio Olio at Lebby's house once. Not a great success and we cooked far too little spaghetti. I'm so gonna cook it again one day!

Then stayovered at Tang's house with the bkk gang once. Pasak Malam with Lebby and had Ramly Burger for the first time in my life once. Breakfast with eggs, bread and tea once. NP Yong Tau Foo yesterday and today was Harry Potter movie.

That's all for the past week + this week.

Tomorrow I've work till late at night. Think I'll try to make it down for the Booza outing after work. Thursday was supposedly Korean BBQ with Jals, I don't know what to do. Then Friday's BBQ at Derek's place with Royalties at night too, gotta find someone to cover me. And Saturday's Serene's birthday party at Serangoon Gardens. Then I'm supposedly supposed to play badminton after that but I think I'm gonna miss it. And I think Sunday's badminton with the NJ badminton peeps.

That's a lot of things. I just feel like sleeping actually. I need to go pray hard for tomorrow for now. I pray that all the respondents will come on time and I will finish the surveys quickly!

:D I hope it will be a good day! Yay.

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