Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm so sleepy + tired + exhausted + shagged after today's work. Work was from 10-9pm! 11 hours... even though it only officially started at 11am, it started at 0930pm!

Tang and I were sitting at the exit part and it's the best position to be at because we get to sit down, but I'm still damn tired! The whole day we were counting books + coupons and ensuring that they tally. Occasionally, we'll be nagged at by some aunties.. or they will just keep telling us annoying stuff. Rahh.

Other than that, half the time we were entertaining ourselves, playing our usual lame game + getting high over 2pm and Dream High again.

Lebby hopped over to the kids' section so we barely saw him too.

Almost got sacked cause of some miscommunication, they didn't need so many people. But somehow, some others got sacked and we survived. 2 more days of work!!!

It's only for the money, money, money... seriously. Okay. I gotta bathe soon so I can dry my hair and sleep!!!

Working is so tiring! And they didn't provide dinner for us! So we were starving like crazyyyy! ):

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