Monday, June 6, 2011

Work Day 3

Heyhey, it's late. 0136am. I need to sleep because there's work at Acorn tomorrow! ): Sad life. I haven't been able to enjoy my sleep these days because there's work almost every single day.

I hate working. It drains up my energy and it wastes my entire day! ): Just ended my 3 days of work, $180! But, today I saw many friends! (:

Nicholas and Xiao Ming's working at OC Cold Stone, so I saw them. Then I saw Ernest walk past with a damn fierce face, scary. And Ah Cai and Austen happened to be at Cold Stone and Xiao Ming told them Caleb and I were working, so they came over to chat with us too! (: Stupid Seb, liar again, said he'll come visit but in the end he didn't.

Cai Fan for lunch. Finally not Macs anymore! :D And Gong Cha for dinner once again! But after work at 10pm, Lebby and I went for dinner at Lor 5. The Hokkien Mee with the red signboard's pretty yummy! (:

I think I've lost the mood to shop. I can totally resist the temptation of getting stuff even though they're on sale. It's like okay even if I don't get anything from the blogshop, I don't feel like I need to buy something anymore. Proud of myself (:

I had things to blog about, but being really stm, I forgot. So I think that's all for now.

Oh, I'm gonna highlight/dye my hair on tuesday! Kum long's friend needed people so yeah, free of charge. I hope it will turn out fine! (:

"I'll throw a grenade at you"... lol. Tang's rendition of the song "Grenade".

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