Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sick Bird

Maybe flu passes through twitter! I was just noticing that Chock's super sick, down with flu and bla bla bla... and today I got it! It just got worse after I came home! I think my house's not aired enough or something! Sneezing non-stop! Couldn't bathe properly.

Sucks to be at work when you're down with flu. Today I was doing admin and my eyes totally felt like closing on me. And I got scolded cause I forgot to do stuff and all cause so sehh. Tomorrow's worse cause I'll have less sleep and I'll be doing calling. Boring max! Gotta rush to fill the stuff somemore cause my IC's super last minute! Rah boring max!

I used to be such a healthy kid. Think I almost didn't have fever before in my life actually. I think only twice? Now I keep getting flu and cough so easily! Sucks.

I seriously don't want to be sick during Arts Camp, I think I'll faint due to fatigue or something if I am.

And yeah, gonna highlight my hair with Tang tomorrow cause Kum Long's friend needs our help. I hope it will turn out fine. I want my hair to dry now so I can go to bed.

After work today was good! (: Korean BBQ at Link Hotel! Buffet.. $26.90 + Service Charge. Bill came up to around $60 booms. Then we bought Yoplait and Marigold to the cinema and ate it before X-men First Class began. I got quite excited towards the end of the show. Beast looks retarded. lol.

Okay, not thinking anymore. GOodnight. Hair dry now!

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