Sunday, June 26, 2011

S is for Spirit! :D

Finally, finally it's down to blogging! Past few days were so busy I couldn't blog about Camp at all!!!

The 5 days of camp were great... filled with laughter and joy, and of course tears. 

Day 0, I had really little sleep. Day 1, met the freshies and it ended off really badly for my house. I was damn freaking tired by then and yeah, irritated at the same time. I had to control my tears from rolling down my cheeks because it was a horrible night. 

Day 2, not much improvement from the house. Partly because we didn't have house time and of course, there were other reasons. Managed to talk to Wilson during the "Finding Nemo" game where the entire camp went for their amazing race. Cried like mad for that time... 2 hours, 3 hours? Couldn't even remember. I only knew I kept crying and my tears wouldn't stop falling. It was damn terrible, I was so mentally and physically tired I wanted to die... I wanted to leave camp, throw the house there and just go straight home. 

And when I thought I managed to stop crying, I started again when other house ICs asked me if I was alright... for the whole few hours, it was non-stop crying... 

But when I finally finally stopped myself, my mood became much better. I stopped. I cheered up. I became more motivated. Ended day 2 with a pretty good mood. Talked to the OGLs and councillors and our house picked up... 

Day 3 was beach day. We were good. The S House Spirit was back up, the freshies were cheering like mad, they were really really supportive. Cried again for Tug Of War, not because I was sad... but because I was really touched. I was really touched how our house kept cheering, how they could feel the S in the heart... it was a great scene really. Touching ttm.

Day 4, war games. I got to know most of the freshies. Seriously, we were good. We fought. Fought for the house. I'm really proud of my house.

We didn't win best house, BUT one thing is for sure, we have the S house Spirit. S in our Heart! Seriously, this is so far the best best best Arts Camp ever!!!

Alright, lots of jumbled up photos... 

Day 0!

After War Games!!! S5

Before Dota, S3!

Playing with the super duper heavy sword...

S3! Showtime! :D

And yeah, war games we didn't get zam like how we usually used to be...

Julian! (:

Was supposedly some sexy pose that Hanrui taught me, but it's like so fail...

:D  S3

Some damn candid shot that some zai photographer took! And yes I know my teeth's damn yellow..... and pimples okay I know okay.

Day 1 at Eusoff Dining Hall.

Beach Day with Xavier Tong.

This is the cui ttm face thanks to lack of sleep!

Social Night with Wk and Ek!

S5!!! :D

S1! Spot Alfred's underwear. lol.

Super fail parking of Seb's...

DJ Chockolate.


Old old old.. 

NP ytf after breaking camp!!! :D

Cai fan for lunch on Thursday! 

Work at St James with Tang! :D

Yakun for tea break with Lebbs! (:

Outback Steak House with the Chem Engine people.

Sharon's chicken!

Outback Special! Steak with fries.

Done during tuition...

On the way to Prive! (:

Fluffy pancakes which weren't that fluffy. It was quite hard in fact...

Best Eggs Ben that I've eaten in my life!!! Damn yummy!!! :D

Coffeebean Yoghurt for dessert! (:

The Tanjong Pagar railway that's gonna close on 1 July!

I look pregnant for some reason.

The Maggie Goreng that tasted like Curry Maggie Mee.

Lebby got called in today.. and he's going for reservist next week and the week after! ):

Social Night...

Sonia! (:

Last day of camp! Circle of friendship!

One Arts! (:

Five days of camp, then it was work the following day.. I went to work cause supposedly qc wanted me to work for them... then it turned out that they wanted liling and they thought her name was laimeng.. so my job went to her.. then I tried to find myself some stuff to do.

Then off to lunch, then NPS briefing where I was trying damn hard not to fall asleep cause I was super super sleepy! And after I was done with the briefing, I fall asleep on the table... then it was off to St James with Tang for our work!! $60! (:

Friday was badminton with Andy and CC and his friend. Then lunch with Lebby before tuition and when we were on our way to meet the Chem Engine people, I realized I've an interview and I totally forgot about it so I was in chapalang wear.. damn informal. So -100 points of forgetting my interview and being late and -100 points for wearing shorts and slippers when everyone was in formal wear. Fml.

Went over to meet the Chem Engine people after interview... then home sweet home.

Saturday was tuition in the morning before Prive with Lebbs... and over to his place to sleep and have dinner before I met S5 at Ameen! (: Went over to school with them, htht and went home! (:

I suddenly feel super tired and my brains sort of stopped working again... so goodbye~

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