Thursday, June 30, 2011

My baby needs to eat!

Yeah, I've been pregnant since I was J2 I think.. lol. a baby that never comes out. The daddy's Bek Bek and if you don't know him, he's my badminton teacher-in-charge when I was in NJ. I have no idea how my awesome clique came up with the idea that he's the daddy to my 'baby', but it just so happened that one day they decided I'm pregnant with his child (:

And yes, the baby's still in my stomach! 

I realized my appetite's improving these days! Had supper at Rochor Tauhuey with Engkwan, Waikit, Hanxie and Mel just now, but now I'm hungry again! Like a pig only. Keep craving for food!!! 

Let's see let's see..... Sunday was church, then I came home, then I met Lebby for supper at Thomson's Rochor! (: I prefer Thomson's Rochor than the Rochor I went today because the Thomson one's sweeter! Though the egg tart at Dhoby is nicer.. hahaha! 

Tauhuey + Egg tart = my new love combo.

Then Monday I had no work, I sat at home and watched Wild Bunny!!! Then I think cause I slept too much and sat too long in front of my laptop, I had a terrible headache! Dragged myself to PS to meet Eun and Gabby and Bryan, and then off to Xiaoken's place at Pinnacle! Talked, ate, laughed, went up to the 50th storey, so so so nice... but I really wanted to go home real bad thanks to my headache!

Trained home, showered and went straight to bed!!!! Then the next morning, I had work at 0930am!! =/

Went to work to cut paper + run errands which includes cabbing to Sunshine Plaza to print stuff and back again to cut more paper!!!

Yummy lunch! $3 Cai Fan.. I think as long as 3 dishes, it's $3! Hungry nooowwwww.

Then I went home after work.. only to get called back at 9plus! They told Tang and I to cab down to office immediately to cut more paper! And we did, cabbed down, cut paper for like probably only around 40minutes before we came back home again!

No work again today. Woke up at I think 12plus 1pm. Then had my lunch and off to Bugis to meet Sharon. And went to meet Xclusives at around 5pm! Almost full attendance today!!! :D

The 5 early ones! (:

Serial killer looks!

Food food food... so hungry now!! 


The look at each other photo! (:

lol. fav photo of the day!!! (:

Then we went to St Games and played Kinect!! (: This is the bunny face photo which Songminghan didn't do the bunny face.

And the normal face photo which he did the bunny face -.-

The new crew of transformers!

Ek's cap...

Rochor Tauhuey gang! (:

Then we went to SMU to play Munchkin till 12plus am! The West-siders decided to cab back, so I was walking walking and suddenly I saw 139, so I ran for the bus and got onto the bus!

And after 2 stops, I realized the bus that I was on wasn't going back to tpy, so I quickly alighted! Then I walked really quickly to the bus stop where I usually take 143 home from work! And saw that the last bus was at 0025! And it was 0021 at that time, so I stood at the bus stop to wait for the last bus.

And at 0025, there wasn't any sign of the 143! And I waited and waited, thinking I missed the bus already... BUT, the 143 came at around 0028! And yay, happy me boarded the bus and came home!!!!

Today's happy day. I got lots of potions when I was playing the game. hahahah and I caught my last bus. Alright, time to sleep... no time to reread my blog post, there will sure be a lot of mistakes, but yeah, I'm sleepy so SLEEP!!!! :D

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