Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's Go Arts Camp!

I'm sorry, wordy post once again cause blogger still doesn't allow me to upload photos. Maybe I've reached the quota for photos on my blog? lol.

Hooked onto 2pm songs + Dream High thanks to Tang, we went high talking about it in the office while we were working together on Wednesday. Started dancing in the office + on the pavement while we were on our way to lunch. Lol seriously.

Did calling for Sharon on Wed, and ended only leaving work at 7 plus cause we had to chiong calling and finish filling up the slots + send the interviewees messages to remind them about the appointment. Annie and Lily weren't hungry so we ended up at Mos instead of Ah Loy Thai! And I decided to save money so I didn't get fries, just burger + milk tea (since I had Macs in the afternoon) and was starving by the time I was home!

Walked to BHG where Tang and Lily got awesome liquid foundation from Ettusais before we went home!

Went to school at 11am today to meet the shirt suppliers for Arts Camp. Their prices were insanely high so the PD contacted another supplier who said he'll come down at 0330pm. So Keith drove Wilson, his gf, Hui Ming, Paul, Ernest and I to Clementi Plaza for lunch in his 8-year-old car. Then Wilson left to get stuff, and the rest of us came back to school to wait for the supplier! That supplier was late for almost 1.5 hour and he only came at 0445pm! Sehh, but meanwhile we watched funny videos of some Japan Tradition stuff.

I laughed like mad when I watched the chopsticks one! Damn funny!

Finally settled the house stuff at around 5 plus 6, so Keith gave Ernest and I a lift to Clementi where we trained down to Bugis to get our House stuff..

Walked around to look for camp stuff, had Nasi Lemak for dinner, and when we wanted to go back to the shops to get our stuff, they were closed!!! ): It was barely 0830pm and all the party shops were closed! So we went to Bugis Village to get our funny blue glasses and went home!

There's work tomorrow from 10-9pm at Orchard Central.. if anyone is free, you can drop by and pay me a visit! (: I'll be there from Friday-Sunday!!

Oh, and Ernest got me cookies from Canada.. an appreciation for my hard work while he was away enjoying himself! haha. I've my breakfast for tomorrow settled! (: Thank you!

And Lebby delivered Yummy egg tart that Kevin gave to him to me yesterday before work! Yummy yummy! Thank you too! :D

Food makes the world grow round. lol.

Bro just brought home garrett popcorn, it's sweet to the max!!! @.@

Okay, time for bed soon so I'll have energy for tomorrow (:

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