Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Day Before Camp!

Hey hey hey, it's Thursday night and tomorrow evening I'll be away for Arts camp already!!!

I feel tired and lack of sleep. Haven't been getting like 10 or 11 hours of sleep daily. I only get 8 hours of sleep everyday! Tired max.. haven't packed my bag yet and it's almost 12am and I've work tomorrow in the morning... baa baa black sheep have you any wool?

Haven't bathed too. omg why so many things to do all of a sudden rahhh.

Anyway, the past few days have been great even though I don't get to lie in bed till noon. I got yummy yummy food! (:

I had tuition in the morning on Wednesday and after tuition, Lebby brought me to Sin Ming Roti Prata for lunch! Damn awesome curry they have! Super thick and yummy!!! Plus, it's cheap! So cheap and good, must recommend! It's at a coffeeshop, near prata house and stuff!

Then off to work again, and after work, I met him again heeheehaha. We went to Ji De Chi for dessert first. Dessert before main course! Then we decided to walk to Paragon for Soup Spoon, but we walked past OC and saw the advertisement that we kept seeing while we were working. So we wanted to wait for Dawn Yeoh to come out cause Lebbs thinks that she's pretty in the advert, but I thought otherwise.. So we stood opposite the OC, opposite the big screen to wait for the advert to come out... and haha, we ended up standing there for quite some long but we totally failed to catch it!

Then off we went to Paragon for Soup Spoon. Tried the weekly specials, and tadah, bad choices hahaha. I had the Lamb one while Lebby had the Muscles chowder thingy. lol. Both weren't good... We also had Tofu salad which was not as nice as Caesar Salad...

Home sweet home after...

Today was good. Rider's Cafe with Lebby in the morning! Yummy breakfast and awesome place... but it's almost impossible to go there without a car seriously. So super ulu seriously.

And met up with Jaljals for Ah Loy! :D Bkk gang!!! (: Super funny our convo... and can't wait till Bkk... I still haven't told my parents about it hohoho.

Alright, photos! (:

Thomson Rochor Tau Huey for supper... that's when we saw Samson. lol. Read Caleb's blog.

Ji De Chi Durian Shaved Ice.

Happy boy...

Soup Spoon!! :O

haha, random Iphone app.

The menu for Rider's Cafe.

The not very nice scenery..

The Usuals! (: I like it!!! :D You get to choose either Fried, Scrambled or Poached eggs!

Smoked Salmon and Avagado with Sourdough. 

Happy boy.

Happy girl



haha, zoomed into his face for fun..

Christel lol. And I feel sad for Annie cause facebook has the grouping people's face so it's easier to tag people... and they grouped Christel with Gabby! Like ommgggg max when I saw it!

Almost writing the entire Zuo Wen for her!

Thai Green Curry which wasn't as fantastic as the Tom Yum Soup.

Spicy Sweet Potata Leaves which was damn super spicy!

We had 2 plates of fried calamari!

Pineapple Fried Rice!

And 2 plates of Phad Thai.

Frolick for dessert cause Pat had 1 for 1 coupon! (:

The 4! (:

haha, and Pat... 

Okay... off to pack bagggggg.

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