Friday, June 10, 2011

The Ideal Boyfriend!

Sharon wants to be my guest blogger today.. she specifically sent me all the points through sms so that I can blog for her!

The title of the post is "The Ideal Boyfriend", but she later requested to change it to "The Impossible Man".

Below are some criteria for you to be an ideal boyfriend a.k.a the impossible man.

1) He shouldn't go for massage.
2) He should invite his girlfriend to everything and let the girlfriend decides if she wants to go.
3) Tall
4) Dark
5) Handsome
6) Honest
7) Reliable
8) Romantic
9) Bring girlfriend out for late movies, supper and ice cream.
10) Goggle tan (she wanted to include some of Caleb's properties into it for some reason)
11) Surprise girlfriend often
12) Replies messages, msn, facebook fast
13) Non-possessive
14) Same religion (if possible)
15) Dimples required
16) Doesn't snore
17) Humorous
18) Intelligent enough to understand her jokes
19) Make her laugh
20) Good at sports will be a plus point
21) Know when to argue and when not to
22) After arguing must coax the girlfriend
23) Call every night to say goodnight

Okay. That's the list. What she says isn't what I think. haha. It's solely in her opinion. She doesn't think that she's almighty, that's only a fantasy. So please don't start thinking that she's crazy or what, because she feels that people will think that she's mad.

Alright, end of this short part.

Now it's my daily reporting time.

I had work yesterday and it was great because I had company for lunch! Annie, Derrick and Yilin! Liang Court ytf for lunch. Then fought my way through temptation and resistance and ended work! (: Met Lebby after I went home for Rojak + Cold Stone! (: Chocolate devotion... made an ulcer pop up.

Today was working day again. Lunch with Gerald and Derrick. Depressed max when I heard we were going to have Macs AGAIN! ): But had it anyway. Then Tang came to work for a lil while... walked to the mrt station and she almost boarded the train with me when she was actually going to City Hall.

Good day. No more work tomorrow! Rider's Cafe for breakfast. It means I've to wake up early again! So, sleep time!!! (: I finally washed my hair and tadah, the water that came out was orange. lol!


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