Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Hate You

I think the "I hate you" dance is super nice! (: Just kept starring at Wooyoung during the whole dance. I'm super glad the rest of Jaljals like other people like Junsu (the ugly one according to Shun) and Nickhun (everyone's love)... so I get to like Wooyoung all by myself lol. 

Watching happy things makes me happy! (: 

I still can't upload photos cause stupid blogger photos are still down! >:( So I can't show you photos!! ):

Anyway, after the crazy 14 hours of sleep after camp, I only slept for 5.5 hours last night and I auto woke up at 0830. Couldn't get back to sleep so I played my Iphone games on my bed for an hour...

Then I met Lebby at the fairprice at tpy where we got our ingredients and we went to cook at his house again. Usual chicken, mushrooms + unusual "Shumai". No creativity huh... 

Badminton with Andy, Sharon and CC (Andy's friend whose name I can't remember even after him saying 3-4 times.. so he said just call him CC.. which made me went "huh sissy?" in my mind). Muscle aching once again, I think I'm really weak.

Ah Loy with Lebby and his sister after badminton! (: Phad Thai, Pineapple Rice, Butter Calamari, Kangkong. And he sent Esther back home before sending me home (: 

Tomorrow there's work with Tang and we're gonna meet Jaljals for Ah Loy (again!) (:

Since I can't upload photos,

Wooyoung... lalala I shall go to sleep and my wish for the night is to dream of Wooyoung and tell him "Long time no see"... "Is it my turn already?"


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