Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hungry Pig

Gonna chiong a blog post now before Caleb comes. It's 0119am and he's gonna come pick me for supper! :D Cause I complained to him that I'm hungry! Heehee. Best to have a boyfriend who has a car + willing to eat with you when you're hungry! (: 

Food for thought for lunch and tuition and meeting in school with the House ICs and PD! (:

Photos now!!! (:

I tweeted about this before. My super red hair under the sun!

Toa Payoh Rojak! The best! (:

Cold Stone! :D Damn sinful this is.

Crazy boyfriend of mine.

Fish and Chips at Lor 6 I think. Lady Iron Chef said it was good, but I think it's so so.

Ocean's catch. I don't like it. And halfway while I was eating, a fly slapped my face and dropped straight into my food... so I had to take out a whole piece of fish that the fly touched! ):

Food For Thought today! (:


lol. looks like a little boy.

Damn awesome pancakes! Nicer than Strictly Pancakes. This is some Chocolate Chip pancake! Must try!! (:

Basil Leave Pesto Chicken Sandwich with Grilled Eggplant and Tomato, the side is fries! (:


My tuition kid's assessment book haha.

After tuition, on the way to more good food! (:

We both have fat faces! (:

UNO Beef House Lor 7 I think.

Yummy Fish and Chips! I like this!!! (: But the fries tasted horrible, and I believe it's from Fairprice.

Black Pepper Chicken with cute fried Mash Potato! (:

Honey Green Tea with Grass Jelly. Damn bitter drink that Lebby likes!

Alright, end of photos! (: Off for supper and maybe stayover at Ling's place! (:

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