Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grandma Loves Durian Puff

Work today was pretty much admin stuff.. then I did some calling, but I realized I became so used to it I've no phobia of it anymore! Calling as in calling pre-recruited people, but not companies! :D

Starved like mad for lunch because everyone in the office went out for lunch and I had to stay behind to answer phone calls and open the door. And when I finally got to go downstairs to buy food, my food had to be so bad. I order Fried Fish Bee Hoon but it tasted like Ginger Soup Fried Fish Spring Onions and Leek. There was a crazy amount of ginger in the soup and the spring onions camouflaged with the leek and veggies and I couldn't differentiate them, I wanted to cry. Finished it eventually, the fish was acceptable.. and back to work!

Ginger and Spring Onion and Leek. It looks like a dish please.

Went to visit my grandma with Durian Puff after work! (: And grandmama's so blur, she doesn't know she's eating durian.. she thought it was kueh lapis or something, the one with the supposedly nine colors. Super cute. And I asked Caleb if he wanted to take a photo with my grandmama and he said fine. And my grandma was so cute, she went to lie on him! So loving! She tilted her head towards him!!! Sooooo cute!!! :D

So cuteeeee! :D

Grandma looks happy here! But she didn't tilt her head towards me, I had to tilt mine towards her lol.

Then we wanted to have Lor 7 Beef Noodles and Fried Oyster, but the shops were closed, so we rushed to Crawford Street for the famous bak chor mee! There was a pretty long queue, not super duper long but still long. So I watched some tv cooking programme while Caleb queued for it! (:

$5 and $4 bcm! (:

If you ask me, I still prefer Meng's Kitchen cause it's more spicy and exciting! But this tastes pretty much like Meng's. Caleb prefers the Macpherson one which I don't especially like because the noodles are hard...

Oh and if you notice, there's a bigger bowl and a smaller bowl of bcm. The bigger bowl ($5) actually belongs to me while the smaller bowl belongs to Caleb. I was telling him how all the other couples over there are the opposite of us. The guys usually have the $5 or $6 one, while the girls have the smallest bowl. Heehee, I swallowed the entire bowl of bcm by myself.

In the car Caleb was telling me that he bought something for me... and I got really excited and high I started guessing what it was. And it became quite of a joke later on cause it was actually a necessity but I imagined it to be some ridiculous and exciting thing lol.

"It's something you'll need for camp!"

"Oh, so it's blue?" [I'm in S house which is blue]

"Yeah... it's blue..."

"Shades? No right, I've already gotten shades!"


[think think think think think]

"OMG! YOU BOUGHT ME A GUITAR?!?!?!" [We saw a toy guitar the other day and I wanted to buy a guitar for camp since my house name is Superstars]

And I started giggling and laughing like mad because I thought he bought me a guitar since he said it was less than $10. The guitar's less than $10!

But he said no.. hahaha and I continued laughing at myself cause I thought it was damn ridiculous for me to think that he'll buy the guitar lol.

"Something to put on..."

hahaha, and I guessed it eventually. Nivea Sunblock SPF 50! (: Thank you Lebby. I had a good laugh!!! (:

I guessed a lot of other things other than those and I really really had a great laugh! (:

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