Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finally Photos!

Blogger is finally fine... I'm gonna spam a lot a lot of photos today cause I think you miss photos! It has been all words + no photos. 

Flu's still floating around. It likes me even though I hate it. Horrible, sticky idiot. lol. 

I went to highlight my hair today. Kum Long's friend, Darwin. And Ah Tang went along with me at 10am even though her appointment was at 2pm. I feel damn bad she had to sit there for so many hours! I like my hair now.. it isn't very obvious but it's still nice! (: Photos below! (: Highlighted red! Can't wash hair for 2 days hahaha!

JJ just said lai meng = lemon melon. lol. I think it sounds like a sweet ehh. (:

I rushed to work after doing my hair, leaving Tang there alone, so poor thing. Worked till 7 plus before I bought food and went home! (: Home early today. Good rest! I've been watching teevee and now, blogging before I go to bed! (: 

And my new blog address, if I have another, will be asweetlemonmelon haha. cause lm = lemon melon. So cute.

Work again tomorrow. lalalala. But at least there's Annie! Someone to lunch with me hopefully. That's if she doesn't reach office at like afternoon. lol.

Alright, photos! :D

Spize! (:

Gigantic portion of Maggie Goreng! Ameen's one is still better!

Bomb with Cheese!

The chef! And Lebby pronounces chef as CHAIR-F! lol.
Mr Usual Chicken.

Gigantic pan of mushrooms! (:

The chairff.


"SHUMAI", Mushrooms, Chicken and bbt! (:

Ah Loy Thai! (:

Badminton day so I looked retarded. Esther, Caleb's sister! (:

Food!!!! I miss it already!!!
While waiting for the shirt suppliers, Keith drew that. lol. 19 March!!!
Our job at the Book Swop job.

Tang bullied me. Chop thrice on me.

Last day of our job must take photos!

This was taken after the annoying auntie talked to us!!! >:(

Korean BBQ at Link Hotel! (:

The super awesome Vermicelli thing.

haha :D

And he took this shot by himself!

The 'artistic' photo that I tried to take. With the food and him.

15 Months.

Today was highlighting day!

Heating my hair!

And the end result. It's only visible when there's strong light. Cause my parents didn't realize I highlighted my hair.

Macs for lunch again!!!

Super smooth hair right after dyeing. Now it feels rough already!
Yay. finished blogging. I hope mosquitoes will stop attacking me.

Goodnight! (:

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