Monday, June 13, 2011

Ey Yo Ey Ey Yo!

Heeheehee, looking at the Bak Chor Mee (bcm) photo below makes me crave for it again! I really think I wouldn't mind eating it every single day!!! It's ultra super yummy! Meng's Kitchen at Thomson, next to Prata House! It's super duper awesome and yummy... oh no lack of vocab but I'm sure you know what I meant.

Today was happy day, not happy happy day.. but it was a great and happy day! (: Church in the morning, followed by Nex with Lebby's family! (: We ate Pasta at Nex! The pasta at the Food Junction at the top level is good! (: At least mine was pretty decent! $6.90 for 2 pieces of fried fish and Spaghetti. Nice! (:

Then it was over to tpy to visit my grandmama!!! (: She's in like still the same super blur, cannot remember anyone state... but she looks happy so I'm happy too! (: Tomorrow Lebby's gonna buy Durian Puff from 4 Seasons first before meeting me after my work, and we're gonna visit her again! :D

IT fair at Suntec. Someone stepped on my wedges in the hall and tadah, it sort of fell apart.. So I had to drag it for the whole time. Dragged it up to the 6th level to look for Songminghan, talked crap to him like mad... Super slacker him, just keep talking to girls only. lol. Failed to look for JJ cause I couldn't find him and wedges really was killing me!!!

So we went over to Marina and I bought myself a pair of heels so I could change out of the wedges! Then TCC for dinner!!! There's 1 for 1 Main Course/Pasta! :D Both Lebby and my phone died, so I koped the photos from the internet!! (:

Alright, food!!! :D

The plain looking but really nice bcm! It's my top love! I wanted to have another bowl after eating one cause it's really just so fantastic! :D

Rojak from Nex. Tpy's one is still the best!!!

Spaghetti with Fried Fish! Nice nice!!! :D

Coffee and Iced Milo! :D
Grandma!!!! (:

Seafood Aglio Olio! 3 chilli on the menu... it really is spicy!

Mentaiko Spaghetti with Salmon Tataki. There wasn't as much salmon as the photo above.. This is super super super creamy so you'll get sick of it after a while!

Alright, food food. Hungry hungry! But I can't drink water because drinking water before you sleep makes you have puffy eyes and face! ):

Time for bed, tomorrow there's work again!

Tomorrow Lebby and I are going to explore more amazing tpy food again! <3

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