Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 2

A short update! (:

Today's work was pretty good. Better than yesterday because we got Gong Cha + Mushroom Chicken Puff for dinner today! (: The people working there are super retarded. lol. Liling, Hilzir (ock delivery man), Nicholas (La Bi Xiao Xing), Samson (Man's Best Friend), Tang Tze Hou lookalike, Gerald (forgot how to spell the Starhub guy's name already lol) lookalike + Me, we work at the adults' section. Then Caleb, Kum Long and Shawn are at the kids' section with the unfriendly couple.

Macs for lunch again. I predict tomorrow will be the same.

And I just realized people love buying me cookies. I think Sufen said I look like cookie monster before. Maybe that's the reason why people always get me cookies. Nicholas (Tan) is working at Cold Stone, so he bought me a cookie when he went for his dinner break (he said I look like I was hungry)... but I really think it's cause he couldn't finish the cookie, since he had Quiznos, so he gave it to me. It's still in my bag, I shall bring it to work tomorrow so that I won't starve before lunch which is always at 3pm!!

After work ended at 9plus, I went for dinner with Caleb, Shawn, Kum Long, Benny and Ian. The two came to find the guys so I tagged along and had bak chor mee. Then Puden came over to town to pick us up and sent Benny home, dropped Caleb and I at Tpy, and headed over to Shawn's house.

Long chunks of words again! I'm having slight flu now cause the aircon at Orchard Central was cold today!! And sian, I gotta sleep soon again because there's work again!!

0101am! Bye! (:

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