Thursday, June 30, 2011


Change, change, change.

Looking at photos in the past made me miss a lot of things. So nostalgic. 

And when I was uploading photos, blogger suddenly crashed on Google Chrome and it just kept saying Error 400, Bad Request every time I tried to open it. So now I'm blogging on Safari instead! Weird error.

I was just looking at my facebook photos and I realized out of the 6000++ photos that I have, 5000++ of them were taken after I entered uni! Photo bombed after I went for Union Camp and stuff! Shocking max, I didn't realize it till today!

Anyway, since there isn't work this entire week (except Tues), I decided to be bored and blog about how I've changed since the last photo of me on facebook! (:

This photo was taken at Ms Angeline Koh's place. She was my form teacher in J1 and the whole class hated her. lol. Damn ugly photo of me yayyy.
During College Day where all of us were supposed to wear ties and do duties. Still look like shit..

After the class outing at Sentosa where only 6 or 7 people went. Dark dark dark.

In J2 when we went back to IJ to find teachers! (:

Chingay time! Okay, damn retarded looking I know I know...

haha, after PE! This period our teacher was absent so we started camwhoring! With a Pooh bear.

And you see the two ends of our line, those 2 are the outcasts! I have no idea how come they managed to join us in our photos! 

haha, damn unglam shot! At Padang having Chingay rehearsals.

Damn fat arms!!! Like gigantic gigantic gigantic only. Class outing with my Sec 3/4 class.

This is the one and only photo that I look okay with my fringe pinned up. Usually I'll pin up my fringe after I cut my hair because my fringe will always end up being too short and I always look retarded with my short short fringe! Oh ya, this is with Mel the Baika.
This photo must be taken by Songminghan because he is the only one who loves taking unglam shots of me! My face looks so swollen here, I look like I'm hiding fishballs in my cheeks.

Prom! I wanted to take the right side of my face cause it's supposedly the nicer side. But when I stand on the right, I show my right arm which is 2x fatter than my left arm thanks to badminton. So I ended up with better side of face, but damn fat arms! Oh, and my fringe is too long but I didn't want to cut it cause I always end up with retarded fringe after haircut!

Still fat at this time! And everyone looks funny except Pat who looks pretty much the same!

Like a pregnant mum. ):

This was after work and yeah, still the same auntie dressing. hohoho..

This is when I xiang bu kai and went to cut bangs which made my face look 10x fatter and rounder and uglier than it already is...

Auntie dressing once again.


I think this was in Sec 3 when the Royal Family was formed! (: Aaron (Er Niang), Andrew (Huang Ah Ma), Sasa, Gabby and myself (the princesses). We were the founders of the Royal Family which has expanded to a lot of people now and we call ourselves Royalties. lol.

The first clubbing session with Jaljals! (: We looked like kids!
Ending off with my bunny face! (:
All my friends have commented that I'm becoming skinnier and skinnier! I automatically became skinnier after I stopped playing badminton. I didn't go on a diet or what, but my weight dropped about 4kg after I entered uni. When I went for camp, all the seniors kept telling me to eat more and that they're very worried about me. lol. So, just to clarify, I'm not anorexic or bulimic, I'm just losing all the muscles that I've made from badminton!

So tadah, no more fat arms!

Even though yesterday Waikit kept saying my arms are the same size as Engkwan's, but seriously... I wish to live in self denial believe in myself that my arms are skinnier than his! (:

Alright, end of retarded posts of my ugly photos! (: Tuition got cancelled because my student's staying back in school to do project. lalala... this week's no income week! ):

Gonna go pack my wardrobe now! ):

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