Monday, May 23, 2011

That's Girls For You

Hi. Today's happy day till I saw some unhappy words that I assumed are related to something.

Well, there was church, then went to eat yummy bcm with Lebby and family. And his dad sent us to Ion where we did our surveys and had bubble tea and bumped into Seb..

I was telling Lebby how girls are annoying. We like to spite others and end up making ourselves angry. Like "why don't you just do this or do that with her" and the more you talk about it, the more angry you get. Stupid only, agitate yourself.

But it's like an innate nature to do that or something. S's favorite phrase, "what's her problem? can't she just stay off my man". I think she's bad influence haha.. Okay, maybe I am too, cause we're just so similar.

Then Seb was telling me last night that it was judgement day. Means we were all supposed to die yesterday, but apparently we survived it...

And he was saying we should have a one day tour around heaven. Then I told him how it will be so happy to be there, no anger, no unhappiness, no sorrow, just plain happiness. Just keep eating and eating and eating and you won't grow fat. You will just be super super happy and there won't be quarrels or fights.. You'll just be constantly happy, isn't it damn awesome? The thought of it made me really happy, and I was thinking how I wouldn't mind if I went there right then.

But now I changed my mind, cause I was watching some show and I thought some little boy died and all of them were crying over him... Even though I made a mistake cause he didn't die, he almost drowned that's all, that made me realize how my family and friends will be sad if I passed away. I think my friends will probably be sad for a shorter period of time, but I think my family members will be so super duper sad, it's like suddenly there's one less person at home.

I was saying how I'm going bkk with Jaljals in August and how it's dangerous I might die there since the elections are on July. Then I was telling Lebby how I think I'll die and I'll be up in heaven so soon.

Then I realized I'll be happy cause I'll be in heaven, happily eating away, but those on earth won't be happy, and they will be so super sad. So I decided I can't die now.

Oh, I had a horrible dream last night I woke up feeling super sad. Ultimate sadness when I saw the smile and grin on his face that I've never seen before.. not something I could provide, not me. Then I woke up feeling really terrible. Felt so inferior and useless and boring.

Rahh, I should stop thinking of that image that's stuck in my brains. It's destroying my happy mood.

I'm going to bed now and Jared's gonna get milk tea for us tomorrow before work. Like first time go work got drinks. Production is like happy only! Normally I go work, always no lunch and sad sad alone.

Okay, goodnight it's time for bed :D

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