Sunday, May 22, 2011

Save My Life


There were so many things that happened this week I can't really remember.

Monday... I lost my memory for Monday, I don't remember what I did on Monday. I think I went out with Ling and Shun? To Bugis? For shopping?

Tuesday. Joshua's place with the Chem Engine people.

Wednesday, BTC with Lebby + Island Creamery.

Thursday, cooking at Lebby's place + Tuition + Meeting in school for Arts Camp.

Friday, work with Ling and Jared + Saizeriya lunch + Ding Tai Feng dinner to celebrate Alfred's birthday with the Chem Engine people + L4D2 with Qiyang, Alfred, Sherry, Chun Siong and Lebby till 1am.

Today, I went down to ECP with Sharon to supposedly surprise Lebby + Joshua but I guess it kind of failed. I was worried he will leave before I reached so I sent a message telling him to call me when he's done!

And before I could reach the finishing line, he already told me he finished! And I was like ":O Where are you??"

So, he sort of guessed that I was there and tadah, surprise failed! ): But anyway, we managed to find him and Joshua after really long. Then we went for my supper + their dinner at the hawker centre with Pontian with Samuel.

Today + Tomorrow are eat non-stop days. Today was lunch at home, BK meal with Sharon when I met her at 5plus, and Bak Chor Mee at 10 plus while they have dinner. Tomorrow will probably be rice for lunch at 10plus, lunch with Lebby's family after church and then dinner. 3 meals a day keeps Lai Meng's stomach gay (happy!).

And Lebby's damn zai. He ran 25km today. Crazy. And everyone was praising him just now. Joshua said he ran super fast + Joshua's cousin was praising him too + his friend too. See, zai runner. Then Sharon was super funny, she has totally no faith in Joshua. We were waiting for him, and she kept saying "he went home already", "he must have left halfway and took a cab home", "I think he's in the ambulance", "oh, they're taking the wheelchair", "there's an ambulance, maybe it's him"... and a lot more comments like that. Super hilarious. So no faith in her boyfriend.

Okay, photos...

Island Creamery Apple Pie + Nutella Ice Cream.

The retard.

haha, always so spastic.

Super awesome Awfully Chocolate cake + ice cream.

Happy Lebby.

Bacon with Golden Mushroom!

Black Pepper Chicken.

Mushrooms! :D

Mushrooms with Butter + Oyster Sauce + SoySauce

The Chef.

Yummy!! :D

Unhealthy food!



He covered the hello kitty on my phone cover!

The shades were given to Lebby from Chun Siong. I think it's nice. And he got it from BKK!!

Xlbs + Crab Roe Xlbs.

La Mian with Beef Briskets.



Apple Cider.

Goggle Eyesssss.


haha, Sharon calls him the big small boy.

And Hello Kitty polariods from Lebby! :D
So sleepy all of a sudden @.@

And I wanted to blog about a lot of things but I really can't remember what I want to blog about now. Short term memory increasing max. I'm becoming a goldfish bloop bloop... Blow bubbles bloop bloop.

I think sometimes I behave like a spoilt little girl who wants to be pampered on. And I like to be pampered on so I just do annoying things like whine to get the attention that I want. Becoming like a Christel... or rather like a small big girl. Okay, in simpler form, childish. But I just seem to hate the idea of growing up where I have to be independent and depend on myself. I don't like to do things on my own. I don't want to change from a little girl to an adult. I want to keep doing the same things over and over again because I know I'm familiar with them. New things are not for me. New hairstyle NO! New burger NO! New drink NO!

Only new clothes YES! Okay, out of point already. I like sticking to the same things. Same happy food, same happy things.

Why change? Why change? Why change? No change. I rather stay the same. Lalala even if that means that people call me childish...


is it impossible to be just happy without any limitations? that is the question.

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