Monday, May 16, 2011

Movies! :D

Hello, I'm here again! And I know I said I'm gonna change blog, but I decided I can't bear to, and I was just saying that in anger so I'm back again! :D

Still happy today.

And today I just realized maybe my cooking isn't as fantastic as I thought it was. lol. I always thought I was talented, somehow. But turned out, probably I didn't get my mummy's genes at all. The cooking talent probably all went to my bro.

He just cooked a whole bowl of maggie mee. But there were so much ingredients in it and it smells really great! Compared to the one I cooked yesterday, I felt like mine was damn horrible. No ingredients + my tomato egg failed so badly. Why? Why can't I cook yummy food? He randomly threw in celery, pig's intestines and pig fish balls to the prawn maggie mee and it turned out to be so delicious! So unfair.

Oh, went to read random blogs and it's like 0113am now! :O

The makeup that they drew on me the other day!!! Look like fish right!

And at first she colored my nose blue too! But later on she used concealer and covered over it, then I looked like Avatar.

The super heavy fake lashes she stuck on me! The glue was super hard to remove and I lost like 2 or 3 lashes when I was trying to remove them! I've already very few lashes!!! ):

Plus bottom lashes! When I saw myself in the camera, I wanted to laugh cos I looked ridiculous. It's makeup for some runway show somemore.

My plain Maggie and failed tomato egg.

Penang Char Kway Teow for lunch today! (:

Caleb's Penang Laksa that made him broke out in sweat.

Purple tee...

At Ji De Chi at PS.

$3.30 Milk Tea with Chin Chow. Not nice.

Water for Elephants! (: 

Astons for dinner! (:

Lemon Lime Chicken + Coleslaw + Onion Rings

Black Pepper Chicken + Fries + Garden Veggie.

I'm as tall as him today! :D Cos I wore my birthday wedges out!

I love my new top! :D And I told Caleb I look like I'm going to work, and he told me I look like I'm going clubbing instead! -.- 

Wow, today's eat non-stop day!

I met him for breakfast at 10plus for Macs Breakfast, then after church, we had the Penang food for lunch. Then we went for Ice Cream, before heading to Novena. Then we had the Milk Tea with Chin Chow before buying Salmon Sushis from Carrefour and Green Tea for our movie! Water for elephants! Then we had our mini popcorn too, before dinner at Astons!

Eat eat eat! Yummaye.

Oh, and the girl in the show is such a slut... And stupid Jacob just had to fall in love with her. Like she purposely made him fall in love with her by asking him to dance with her, looking at him so lovingly, bla bla bla. Like just stick to your husband and leave him alone luh. Cannot control is it?

Okay, I know they were meant to be together, cause the August guy is crazy. But still, anyhow lead people on, very fun is it?

Like make him fall in love with you, then pretend nothing happen. Drama.

haha, actually I don't really care about those people. I cared more about the elephant. I cried cause of the elephant. lol.

Okay, what else? This week I think, I went to watch Source Code with Lebbs too. Nice show, something like inception! (:

And I really hope Lebby will recover by tomorrow!!!

I just saw some really pretty girls again, rahh, why are they so pretty? @.@

Okay, time for bed.

I really wanna go for a holidayyyyy!!!!

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