Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Not About The Money, Money, Money!

Hello! (:

At Dream High Episode 9! Tang told me 10 is damn awesome, can't wait! Wooyoung and IU! :D

And now that Ernest is back from his holiday, he's like doing the stuff for Arts Camp I feel super happy and relaxed lol. I'm also doing stuff of course, but super good still cause he'll do the stuff when I'm busy playing mahjong! 

Mahjong marathon for the entire day yesterday with Waikit, Joshua, Sharon, Eric and Songminghan. I won $5 initially, then lost $26 to Eric!!!! But managed to win back $9.50 before we went to bed, and today before tuition I won back another $8.50! lol. I did my Maths and concluded I lost $3 in total. Super grateful. Was super depressed when I lost $26... all thanks to Songminghan haha! I think the entire time Waikit and I were blaming + scolding + warning him like crazy! 

Stayed over at Bishan house, and annoying Waikit's phone (the phone, not him) kept sounding non-stop in the morning cause of his whatsapp messages! Then Songminghan was sleeping like a pig, and Waikit was just lying there, refusing to move, so I had to pull myself out and silent it! But it continued vibrating annoyingly!

And then out of nowhere, Waikit passed me my phone and said my home's calling me. Then I realized I forgot to tell my parents that I was staying over at Bishan house. lol. So mummy called me, and I told her I was there and I forgot to tell her, and she kept talking but I kept telling her I wanna sleep. haha.

Then finally after I managed to get back to sleep, stupid Songminghan had to keep annoying us!

"Let's go for breakfast, let's go for breakfast, let's go for breakfast"

"I'm hungry, I'm hungry, let's go for breakfast"

Super tired but couldn't sleep! And dragged ourselves out of bed to search for the car. lol. They found a car key lying around in the house, so Songminghan took it and we went to search for the car... we walked to the private houses, then we walked to the carpark, then we walked to the multi-storey carpark... but we failed! So we went back to the house and poker-ed and waited for Sharon and Joshua to be back from lessons before we met them for lunch! Bishan chicken rice! (:

Then back to the house for a short round of mahjong where Waikit threw for me La Zi before I chionged to tuition, and when first tuition ended, I chionged for the second tuition! Today was cui ttm day and I saw Fang Yu and Alson separately! =/ Alson gave the "omg, S house house IC what happened to you" look totally. 

Walked home from tuition again, and there wasn't dinner so I ate bread. Now I'm super duper hungryyyy already! I want to makan... Okay, I'm gonna go back to Dream High and stop thinking of food.

Oh, the way to lose weight is to eat like a king for breakfast, eat like a normal person for lunch, and like a beggar for dinner. I think I'm gonna lose weight cause I ate like a beggar lol. But I'm not trying to lose weight, I wish there was food that would appear in front of me right now, but noooo, it wouldn't happen.

Ah Chew Mango Sago and Pomelo.

Choc Chip Waffle + Choc Chip Raspberry Ice Cream! (:

Goggle Eyes! I think he's like black now cause he's in Krabi!

Jay! But his name wasn't Jaybum, it was Jay Park!

Dinner for tonight! Bread + Cheese + Ham.
Lebby having an affair with Benny at Krabi! Sluts. lol. Benny and Lebby.. so happy.. Leaving Lemmy here, unahppy. Wow, I think I can be a poet.

Tuesday there was work too, then I met Lebby for KFC + Gelare + Paul! Paul was not that bad, but I was feeling so depressed cause of my dad so I didn't really enjoy the show...

Alright, really back to Dream High! :D

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