Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm A Joke

hahaha, I just realized Tuesday there was badminton with the nj people at Hougang Sports Hall and I just realized it now!!!!

It's like Thursday, 4 more minutes to Friday.

HAHA! Short term memory to the max me! :O

Tuesday I went to Joshua's place with the Chem Engine people with Caleb and ate and played mahjong and ate again! :D

Wednesday I went down to BTC, had Island Creamery, with Lebby.

Thursday, today was cooking at Lebbs' place.

Tomorrow I was supposed to go for IJ Fiesta and dinner with the Chem Engine people and maybe stayover with Jaljals.

Stm again, cause I told Jieying I could make it for Fiesta + Dinner, only to realize I couldn't make it for dinner cause we're celebrating Alfred's birthday.

Then suddenly there's work too.

Saturday was supposedly mahjong which got cancelled, so I think I'm going to play badminton with IJ juniors if I can wake up.

Sunday there's church and supposedly newspaper collection with the Arts Camp people at Sengkang which I don't think can make it.

Wow, I need an organiser really badly.

Today I had tuition and realized Christel failed 3 out of 4 subjects. Don't know how to teach her...

Okay, bye. Bathing time! :D

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