Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm Diligent too!

I was super surprised that Annie kept blogging recently, so I decided I should be diligent and blog too! :D

But actually, I only have food photos to post up? haha.

Food Food. Eat is good.

I got my license today and Mummy asked me to show it to her, and so I did. And the first thing she commented on... was my smile.

Then suddenly she said, "Why your cheeks so fat?"

And she kept harping on it.

"So fat, really very fat. Why so fat one?"

Like demoralizing. Face fat cannot slim down one right? Not like I go running then my face will slim down to some slim shape. Fat cheeks, what to do?

Also my mummy give birth to me with fat cheeks one mah. Or maybe cause I laugh too much, so my cheeks have a lot of muscles. Maybe. Just maybe.

Anyway, enough about that. Today I went to run errands. haha. I went to collect my license, I went to search for wet wipes, and search for wet wipes, and search for wet wipes, and I can't find the cheap and good wet wipes anymore. So I made do with the one that I found at Kovan.

Then I went to make payment for my 2 new piece of clothing I bought online. GG max, Lebby reminded me that I'm supposed to save for Bkk right after I commented. Hurhur.

Then I went for tuition, and after tuition, I went to search for wet wipes again. And I went to buy Chwee Kueh and Ice Kacang for mummy! :D

Then it was home sweet home before I left house again to play badminton at Hougang CC! :D

And I concluded I'm really old, cause my back hurt like mad, like super painful just now after playing. Then halfway through, I thought my knee was gonna give way.

BUT those are not the main problems,

the main thing is,


Emo max. My beloved racket has been following me for 6 years since Coach gave it to me when I was in Sec 3 after I won the SCGS match. I think everyone thinks he's damn biased. But he said he'll give me  his beloved green racket if I won the match, and I did, and he gave me the racket.

It broke. It cracked, It's dead.

And the worst thing is, I didn't even realize that it passed away till Sharon saw it. Emo maximum.

So now, I've no more rackets at home. Nice rackets, I've other cui rackets.

How to play IFG again next year??? ):

Farewell to my beloved carrot racket. You'll always be missed.

Alright, photos from Taste Paradise! :D 6 May!

The pot of tea that cost more than the dim sum!

Act candid.

The super awesome Char Siew Su. It's really super yummy!!! :D

The Har Gou which is nothing but many bouncy prawns inside!!! :D

Custard Bun! Damn awesome!!! Not the usual yellowish custard, I hate those! This is flowy SALTED EGG YOLK inside!!!

Mango Prawn Roll.

Mango and the prawn!

Eating the bun!!

The filling inside flows out when you take a bite! Super yummy!!!!! :D

I love this too! :D

The free mini popcorn!

haha, it's super super tiny.

And the super difficult maths question of my Primary 5 kid, totally didn't know how to teach her, so I told the answer straight without explaining.

Yeah, food! :D

And I realized we all don't know when results are coming out. But well, party first!!! :D

I think I'm gonna sleep soon!!! Yay, sleep is happy.

I'm hungry actually. I want to eat a lot of yummy food. Ello. Bye.

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