Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Back So Fast

Hello, now I've a private blog! :D

This is my happy blog.

I'm here to blog about happy things here today.


Yesterday, I woke up early, went to BGC at Raffles Place for an interview, waited half an hour, just that they could tell me to go down to Bugis for an interview. Then when I reached, turned out there wasn't interview at all too. So the two interviews were no interview. And I went to Dhoby to meet Songminghan cause thank god he was bored and he didn't mind coming to lunch with me.

Super thankful. And come to think of it, I shall treat him to a meal at KFC? haha. The next time I see you okay.

Then I walked to Somerset, and stupidly walked for 35 minutes before I finally found Winsland House. I really have no sense of direction. I walked past Orchard Central, then walked a whole big round before I went back to the same place. lol.

And the best thing is, I didn't even realize till Caleb told me!

I went for some job for makeup model. Just sit there and let those L'oreal makeup artists draw on me. There were quite a few models there in fact. And they didn't do makeup normally. It was for those fashion shows and the makeup was crazy.

But I'm not allowed to post up the photos just yet cause their event's on Sunday, so I can only probably post it up on Monday! (:

Today's rest day. I watched "The Roommate", so freaking psychotic, yucks, spoilt my impression of Leighton aka Blair!

And I also watched "I Am Number 4!"

Niceeee :D

And I tried damn hard to memorize the Gee song.

"Neomu banjjak banjjak nooni booshuh no no no no no
Neomu kkamjiak kkamjiak nollan naneun oh oh oh oh oh
Neomu jjarit jjarit momi ddeullyuh gee gee gee gee gee
O juhjeun nunbit (oh yeah~) oh joeun hyanggee (oh yeah yeah yeah~)"

haha, I think this is the easiest part to remember, the chorus! The rest of the parts are so fast I can't catch them. I'm always bad at languages!

Mummy loves asking me "Where did Caleb go?"

And I don't know la, so I said I don't know? Probably at home? And she'll tell me, "if you don't know who knows?"

Other people la, his family? He doesn't report to me also. And she say until as if I track his location sia. And my mummy always thinks I'm gonna elope with him one day. No I'm not... I love home.

And today's home alone day too. Cause my parents are going out and leaving me at home alone. And they will only come home at like 2-3am usually...

And Daddy just said, "ask Caleb buy food for you to eat?"

Now he's my babysitter too. lol.

My parents think he's like 随传随到!"

Okay, video of a mambo songggg.

"Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you"


Whole day talk about Caleb my parents. "Why he not free?" Never go out also say, go out also say. Aiyo, machiam like he's my brother! They like whole day ask about him.... Rahhhh. Should just give them his number, so they can call him! hee.

Show you a photo of my cracked racket...

It's out of shape now!

Macs McSpicy and Spicy Nuggets!!!

Christel, whole day eat non-stop only. Eat eat eat, talk talk talk, sleep sleep sleep!

All from Lebby. Wanna make me fat fat only.

Super cute inside the ball! There's a hello kitty, stickers and sweets!! :D
haha. So cuteeeee. The shirt! Piggie Chef!!! :D

Damn awesome Mushroom Soup from Raindrops Cafe at Scape! $6!

Mushroom Bacon Carbonara, $16

Damn yummy.

Super nice the soup!!!

Fish and Chips + Truffle Fries! Nice too! $15!

GST is included in the menu, so you only pay for the service charge! And their ice water has strawberries in them! Super cuteee! :D

There's all for now. Off to watch more videos and spend my night alone. Hungry should eat what? Maggie mee or beehoon?

hahahaha, both also Maggie.

Okay, bye. Happy again then blog here again.

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