Friday, May 27, 2011

I Have A Dream

I finished watching Dream High! Missing it already! Felt really sad after I finished the show, I really didn't want it to end. Watching the show makes me super high and I always sleep at 3 or 4 plus am because I want to watch it! Last night I went crazy cause I think I was at either episode 10 or 11, and it was super duper sweet!!! I'll wave my hands in the air cause it's just so happy!! :D The ending is love too! heehee.

And I kept telling Ernest I'm melting when we were discussing house stuff, lol. I think he thinks I'm crazy. Cause I kept saying the show's super sweet! The two of us had to discuss about house shirts at 2am!! Okay, actually I was just giving my opinions and he was telling his friend how to change the design and stuff! So, thank you friend! (:

Shall show you all our logo! (: I went to sleep and I thought of the idea to put the OG names around the circle right after I woke up!

The front design for the singlet.
Design for the back of the t-shirt! (:

Tomorrow's Precamp already! So I won't be home for Saturday + Sunday. And I haven't packed my bag @.@ Still contemplating whether to meet LS later at Macs cause I haven't packed my bag + need to have my 8 hours of sleep! Rahhh.

And today's hot max! I'm dying from the heat. Tomorrow's gonna start at Sentosa, I don't want it to be sunny cause I'll come back chao ta, noooooo... I'm actually a lil excited about Arts Camp cause there'll be my friends!!! Waikit, Engkwan, Kenneth and probably some more. Joson, the betrayer, decided to go to the smoo school. But still, excited! (:

I haven't seen flabbylebby for a few days cause he went to Krabi and I'm going off for camp! Till Sunday...

And random... my display pic for my mac! (: And mummy thought that the little boy was a girl! haha.

Alright, off to pom pom and oink oink! (:

Oh, and today I was sweeping the floor and bro asked me if I've finished my drama. So I told him I haven't, and he said, "Then why you YES so loud just now?"

"Why cannot yes?"

"Crazy, YES so loud, then after that keep shaking the chair!"

haha, I didn't really remember shaking the chair in excitement. Think I was really just too happy, I didn't realize. Now i think bro thinks I'm mad too. hohoho.

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