Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hello! I'm back to tell y'all about my dream! :D

Last night I dreamt of Nickhun and Taecyeon! Actually I'm only super excited that I dreamt of Nickhun, I dislike Taecyeon. haha.

Anyway, I dreamt that I went for their show! And they had this pairing game where they're supposed to choose the girl that they like and give them gifts!

Shockingly, Eng Yien (my jc classmate) was part of 2pm (Korean group that Nickhun and Taec is in). For your info, EY's an outcast in our class. lol. He better not google his own name and come to my blog. And he gave his gift to Sharon, who was in my dream too! Super LOL!

So, I dreamt that I went to their show, and the next thing I knew, Khun was looking for styrofoam. Super random I don't know why.

I was bored so I started walking around.

And tadahhhh, Taec suddenly gave me an envelope with his hand-made card in it! And that means he chose me! Honored much, but I really dislike him. haha.

But anyway, in my dream, I hugged him and told him that I was very touched. And I'm really glad that he chose me even though he's not the one that I like and bla bla bla.

Then I walked back and found a seat beside Nickhun (like a dream come true in my dream!), and someone else passed me two parcels and a card. So I was surprised and I asked who it was from!


they told me it's from Nickhun! *Melted in my dream!*

And I even asked Nickhun if I could hug him! haha. Super happy that I asked, cause he said, "yeah why not?"


And the next thing I remembered before I woke up was me telling him he's really good-looking. Then I woke up, smiling, waving my hands in the air.

hahaha. No, I didn't wave my hands up in the air, I was just smiling! :D

You know what? Now it's time for photos of Nickhun!

Super cute ahahaha!


Wah, like a handsome only.


He's super cute right? Nickhun can wink really well too. Every single time he winks, I'll really go crazy AHAHA! Or if he does something cute! But I can't find any photos of him doing those cute stunts, so too badddd.

Super hot these days!!!

Can't wait for Jaljals to end their exams! I need to Ah Loy Thai and have some fun!!!

And actually, I'm quite excited for Arts Camp too! Screaming my lungs out and seeing all my friends who will be coming in this academic year!!!! :D

I need to release!!!!


Wish they weren't friends anymore.

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