Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I've been doing nothing since I came home. Surfing around, watching no shows, just facebooking and reading people's blogs.

Now I'm gonna blog about nothing. Nothing important.

I feel like going to a hotel and stay. For fun.

And I just saw a quote, "Life is like riding a bicycle, you just got to keep moving".

So true.

I heard on the radio on the way home about this 95kg girl finding her true love who was 55kg when they met. True love. True Love.

Seb thinks true love doesn't exist.

Spicy nuggets from Macs is really spicy. I know "nuggets" should be plural, are. But it sounds funny saying spicy nuggets from Macs are spicy, cos it's a box. 1 box. So, the box of spicy nuggets from Macs is spicy.

Tuition. Tuition. Everyday there's tuition.

I'm hungry now. But spicy nuggets and Mcspicy is still burning in my stomach.

I'm stalking people like non-stop.

And I envy those girls who are oh so pretty + they have super good figure + smart. Why like that?

But then again, I thank god for health.

Daddy and Mummy were telling me even though my skin's bad, I'm healthy. That's more important.


I'll break break your break break your heart.

The song suddenly came into my head hohoho.

Money. Money. Money.

Songs I've heard on the radio today.

I should be sleeping.

Oh, tomorrow I'm gonna exchange phone with Caleb Wong for a day because I need Kevin to help me with whatsapp + tiny wings! And he's flying off tomorrow. Like a bit pai seh but I really need them.

Pilot Winds is actually damn fun too. My high score's 1,294,124. Super proud of myself. But tiny wings, I've been devoting so much time to the little bird, I have to revive it. *imagine Tang's retarded flap wings action*

So, I'll be taking Lebby's phone. If you need to contact me, message me at his number.

Probably only LS + Songminghan + Sharon knows his number. Ask them if you really need to contact me so urgently you'll die. Unlikely, but y'know.

The higher your expectations are, the harder you'll fall. So I shouldn't expect too much for results. I scared.

See things from a different point-of-view. Perhaps, going backwards will work.

Friends. For. Benefits.

No Strings Attached. Wish there were more of such shows. Always end up with true love. Drama.

Drama is my middle name. Yip Drama Lai Meng. Or Yip Lai Drama Meng.

And talking about that, I'm gonna name my son Zac, no more Ashton. Have I said that before?

Actually, I don't feel like getting married anymore. Scary.

But I want Zac, my son to be.

I still think Ashton Kutcher's hot. But Zac's nicer. Zac, so short and sweet. Easy to teach him next time how to spell his name! :D

I took almost an hour to write this.

To love is to risk not being loved.

Never make your boyfriend your best friend, because when you lose one, you lose both.

I need a best friend. I've no best friend.

Incoherent post. Bye! :D

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