Monday, May 23, 2011

Dream High!

A post a day. (:

Bro's so sweet. I just came home and I wanted to use the internet, but he was using the house phone in the room so the wireless couldn't be connected! Then I went to ask him, and he said he'll stop talking with the house phone and call with his phone instead. But since he's using hi card for his phone, I told him to use my phone instead. Like ask his gf to call my phone so he won't have to pay for the phone bills. But he said his gf isn't home and "don't want waste her money, I pay better!"... so sweet right? Like he rather pay for the phone bills and call with his hi card instead. And they will really talk for quite some time. Quite proud of my bro ehh. haha.

Today I went to rescue Lebby from his house haha! He funnily locked himself in the house again. Okay, cause he forgot to take the keys out of his car and there was only him alone at home, so he couldn't get out of the house since his keys are in the car.

So I went to his place, let myself in the gate and saved him! lol. And off we went to Raffles Place where he changed money for his krabi trip and I submitted my timesheet! (:

Then I went off to work! Milk tea treat from Jared! :D And Chantel said there wasn't enough stickers so she told us to cab down to Bras Basah to get stickers!

We got a cab and right after he made a U-turn, he stopped the car and said, "你们下车!" We were super shocked, we thought we were too noisy so he didn't want us to be his passengers! But it turned out that his cab died or something. Like that's a problem with the engine so he asked us to take another cab!

So we took another cab to Bras Basah, and the second cab uncle was super funny. He kept saying thank you! We told him he could stop us there, then he said, "further there better. thank you." Then we said okay, and he said thank you again! And I think for a short 2 minutes, he probably said 10 thank yous! Super cute! Before we paid him, he thanked us, after we paid, he thanked us again! Just keep thank youing! haha.

Then we slowly went to get our stuff, and took a cab back to the office.

And the third cab uncle told us some principles of life after Jared told him our boss bullied us jokingly! The cab uncle was like, there are 3 things in life that you must remember! The first we must remember is that, there is only one thing you must remember. (Something along those lines, I can't really remember!)... that is CMC!

Then the three of us gave a blank look, and he said, "you all don't know what's CMC?"

(expecting some cheem stuff!)

"Can Means Can, Cannot Means Cannot!"


"In life, if you can means can, cannot means cannot! Must always remember this!"

"Second thing is NATO! Throw away the NATO!"

(shocked again!)

"No Action Talk Only! NATO, you cannot NATO, must throw away NATO!"

(okay, silence)

"Third one very important! For everything we do, we must put in E! Effort! Effort is very important!"

And yeah, he went on elaborating on these three main principles of life, and said he gave up earning 7-15k to be a cab driver cause he wants to always be there for his family and he wants freedom, time freedom, mind freedom bla bla bla"

Oh, and he says Liang Court is at Clarke Quay and UE Square is at River Valley Road, so he asked us which we wanna go, but they're like right beside each other! But we chose UE Square anyway..

Funny cab uncles today!

Then we went back to work, and only managed to grab sushi at 3 plus cause we were busy with production!

And I hung around with Ling and Pat before I went off to meet my house people at Bugis. Discussed pretty much today. I think camp's pretty much settled! (: Happy happy.

Had dinner at Pine's Steakhouse! Quite ups! I had Neapolitan Seafood Pasta Dinner Set which includes a Salad, Soup of the Day, Iced Tea and Ice Cream! (: $14.90++

Then we went over to Ah Chew Dessert for Mango Sago and Pomelo! $4. Broke max, keep eating...

Today's attendance was quite good. Ernest, Joel, Jeffrey, Yew King, Xiao Wei, Mavis, Han Rui, Nicholas and Nigel who came later! These are my ogls and aogls who will be assisting Ernest and I during camp. I really hope we can win again this time round... but it's gonna be difficult!

Alright, I'm gonna bathe and watch Dream High Episode 5!!! :D There's work tomorrow again! Earn more money for my bkk trip. Yessssssss.

I've a blister on the back of my foot now cause I wore heels for 2 days in a row and I've been walking so much. Seems like it's back to slippers for now...

Bye! (:

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