Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What do you do when your friend decides to share his/her problem with you?

Do you

1. Encourage him/her with all the nice words you know
2. Ignore him/her because you can't be bothered to reply
3. Scold him/her for being whiny.

Think I'll do number 1?

I'm so damn tired now cause I've to settle camp stuff, and my partner isn't in Singapore. And I really really hope there could be someone that I could rant to, someone who will send me like lots of love and care and all, but I thought about it and realized it's kinda impossible.

When my friends whine to me, I'll really try my best to say nice things, but most of the time, I realized it isn't easy at all. It's hard to understand cause you haven't been in such a situation probably!

Well, so I decided to blog about it and hope it will feel the same as telling someone. But no, no one will reply you with kind words here cause it's a blog. So my heart's still aching and tired. Like too tired to beat.

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